A Role Model

I lost a friend last week. I’m going to miss her!

She was a woman that I knew through my business, Doncaster. The first time we met, several years ago now, in December…..I was wearing a Fabulous faux fur, pumpkin, suede coat. It was a favorite of mine, and as it turns out of hers! She Had to Have it! so I ordered it for her the next day. Her new things arrived about a week later and I called her to see how we could connect to get her new things to her. She answered the phone, but was very distracted…and immediately said she would have to call me back. I thought the worst, of course! That she didn’t really mean to order the things….and I had misunderstood her. She called me back right away…and told me that she had woken up to her husband of 60-something years, dead in the bed next to her. Oh No!!! Of course she was distracted!

But, she wanted her new clothes!!! For his funeral!! Of course she did!! They looked like a million $$$ on her! And she wanted to look like a million $$$ for his funeral!

Every time, every single time, I saw her over the years she was Dressed…like she meant it! Red lips and nails, maybe hot pink in the summer…hair done….make up perfect! She lived her life well….because she just decided to. She was a perfect example of Dress Well and you show the world you respect yourself. I really admired that about her.

As the years passed by, and I got to know her better, what I learned was that sometimes it wasn’t easy for her to get up, and to dress up. She developed some health issues that became more and more challenging. But, still, she looked terrific! The red lips….the polished hair and make up. I was really amazed at the strength it must take to achieve that pulled together look pretty much every day…good days and bad. Several days a week she was going to therapy of one kind or another…and still she looked Great!

Every time I saw her I came home glad that we had been able to connect that day. I felt better because our paths had crossed. I thought, she is an excellent role model for me. She is the woman I want to be when I grow up!  I thought about stopping by to see her several times over the holidays, but for one reason or another I didn’t get to it. I’m so sorry I let my busy life get in the way.

There is some good news tho! I did hear from her daughter. She called to tell me her mom had died…on Christmas Day. She had been out to lunch with her children and grandchildren, and the little great grandchildren…. and friends and family…and was wearing her favorite outfit. Her Doncaster gold lame jeans, with the white blouse with Swarovski crystal lapels and white sweater with crystal embellishments! Complete with red lips, nails….and bejeweled flats! I know the look well….because it was a favorite of hers…and mine!

I understand that her son brought her home, and she said I don’t feel too good. He said well let’s go sit down for a minute, it’s been a really busy day. And, that was that.

So, I’ll say it one more time. I want to be just like her. I hope when it is my time to go it will be with red lips and nails, and sparkle from head to toe…I hope that someone will think, she was a woman who lived like she meant it!


Maybe the next time you get up and think, oh well, I’ll just wear my tired old sweatpants today….nobody cares what I wear….maybe you will think of this story. She dressed for herself, the way she wanted to…certainly not because some one else thought she should!

Be the Best Woman You Can Be…Dress Like You Mean It!

Happy New Year! 


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2 Comments on “A Role Model

  1. What a great tribute! I want to be her too!!! What a way to check out!!! Actually, I thought you were talking about ME and my big red lips and nails. What a wonderful lady. You are so lucky to have had her in your life. These are the people who sparkle themselves up and their lite spills over on us and makes us happy, even if we don’t know the person. I am sorry for your loss. XXOOVV

    • Vicki: Actually you are right! If I weren’t talking about her…..I would be talking about YOU like that….sparkle and shine is right! Speaking of OM….I kept telling June we have to take a field trip to Oui Madame! She would have LOVED your store!! So sorry that we didn’t do that!

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