Are You Stuck?

Do you have a job that isn’t so motivating any more?

Maybe you are caught up in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going any where?

But, you don’t really know how to change things! It’s just too much effort! After all it’s not all that bad! Maybe you have too much angst about all the things that might be affected by your changing things up a bit…even just a bit. Notice below…the looks are the same….white vs. carmine red….but look what an impact the NEW carmine color, including lips and nails makes in the over all look. It’s amazing really! Isn’t it? And the abstract animal print shoe….VOILA! another look altogether! Have fun with your closet! Try some new things!

As we transition into Fall 2015 this is the perfect time to find some of the things in your closet that you haven’t worn enough. Make it a point to use those things that you love….or not!….in a little different way than you have these last few months. Try it! You just might like it!
BBD Style

BBD style

I have a suggestion. Just change something! Just one thing. Try not to obsess about all the effects that might happen as a result of your changes. Maybe you could just think about changing your lipstick!?


We are coming up on Fall 2015….try a new look, something new to add to your closet? But, remember….you HAVE to wear it!  🙂 Just by trying something new…like this….it will give you the strength to try something else! And, then, something! Get the picture?


Sometimes it’s just too traumatic to consider a big life change! A job change, or boyfriend trouble ….. it’s just too overwhelming to seriously consider. So, think of it this way. By changing something, there is every chance there will be other changes as a result.

And keep on saying it to yourself … Nothing Changes … if Nothing Changes!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

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