August Edition of Diary of Style

I saw a statistic the other day that I found so alarming! They say that 60% of adult American women are unhappy/disatisfied with their bodies! I hope that you find that alarming too!

Ladies, we are the leaders and mentors for the future generation of girls!! We have to do better than this….even if it’s just for them! They look up to us! They look to us for how we solve our problems, how we manage our business, how we work and how we play. They especially look to us for how we will age….as we move into our senior years.

I suggest we show them that we might not do everything we used to do, but we do what we can do well! How can we do that? We will…

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.
And we will Never Give Up!

We will make it a point to dress well…and accentuate the positive! Reluctant? Come see me. I’ll show you how!

The Doncaster Collection for Fall/Winter 2015
September 23 – 25

Can’t wait to see YOU!

~ Barbara Drake

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