I’m a big fan….

of all the talent shows on TV these days!

Lately, I am liking the new team on America’s Got Talent….especially Terry Crews! He is a great addition to the team and adds a certain “je ne c’est quoi” to the show. I took special notice of the suit he was wearing the other night. He is a great, big, handsome guy and he was wearing a “Clementine” suit!! In other words, a Pink Suit! I loved it!

Terry Crews and the Detroit Choir, AGT

It reminded that several years ago now there was a Clementine Suit, with a big ruffle down the front, in the Doncaster Collection. I HAD to have that suit!! So, I got the suit and couldn’t wait to wear it. As it turned out, I got all dressed up early that day (I strive to get dressed only once a day!). We were having work done at the house, I had a National Conference Call, I was going to a meeting downtown, and I was definitely thinking of this suit as my Power Suit! It was going to be a long, busy day….and my secret weapon was going to be my new suit…in Clementine!

So the guys came to work on the house, and the first thing they said was…Mrs. Drake…You look HOT! It’s been a very, long time since I have had thirty-something year old men call me HOT! So, as you might imagine I was on top of the world!! 🙂

Until, the Doncaster Conference Call! The purpose of the call was to discuss the new Collection that was just debuting for the season. The Collection included the Clementine Suit. And the participants of the call were consultants from all over the country….established sellers and newer sellers. As soon as the designer suggested that we discuss the Clementine Suit….oh Boy!!! Did I hear it all!! An overwhelming number of callers were shocked and dismayed that the new Collection included a Clementine Suit with a great big ruffle down the front!! Who the heck would wear a Pink Suit???….and they were all especially upset that the suit was offered in Womens sizes!! Again….Who would wear a Pink Suit!!?!?

Oh no!!!! I was so worried! I thought….I have a big day, should I change my clothes?? Should I return the suit to the company?? What should I do!?! And, eventually, I decided “Nuts to them!” I love my new suit and I’m going to wear it….and rock it…no matter what those women think!!

So I did! And do you know what?? As it turned out, it was a great day!! I decided to focus on the fact that the painters at the house that morning thought I looked HOT!! So off I went. I killed it my meeting!! I met lots of new people that day that loved my Pink Suit, and couldn’t wait to come see (and SHOP) my new Doncaster Collection!! The day was successful in every way!

So, in fact, it did turn out to be my Go To Power Suit…in Clementine! Sometimes, you just have to muster up the courage to do it your way….and pray that it will all work out in the end!! That’s why we all have to have a Power Suit….Clementine or not…..in our closet. Some days we need all the help we can get….including the power that we get from our Go-To clothes!


I hope everyone has a happy 4th!
Happy 4th!!

Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up.

Sometimes it is so hard!!

It seems like I have a lot of clothes in my closet. Clothes that I like, but I don’t seem to WEAR. So I have to ask myself why not? Are they too big? Too small? Do they itch? Or do they make me feel GOOD? Sometimes it is really hard to tell.

Green polka Dot Sweater Doncaster Collection

This morning I decided that I should not wear them if they don’t make me feel GOOD! How could I possibly accomplish all the things I want to do today, if I don’t feel GOOD in my clothes?!? So I reached for a sweater that I haven’t worn in awhile….in fact I remember trying it on once ages ago, and then I decided I was not going to wear this one, but instead I would choose that one. So this morning when I reached for it and started to put it on, and then decided against it….I took it right to the give away pile!! The chances of my actually wearing it….wearing it happily, that is….at this point, is slim to none I guess. There is nothing wrong with it really….it fits….I guess the problem is, I don’t like the fabric….so I’m not comfortable in it. So instead of hanging on to it, I’m going to share it with someone that will LOVE it….and it will empower HER. And that makes me feel really good!

Another thing I decided this morning….I am going to try really hard to wear something different each day. It sounds like it should be so easy….but lately I’ve been wearing things for a few…or more….days in a row. They aren’t that dirty, they are comfortable favorites, so why not?? But when I let myself do that, I end up wearing just a few things all the time….and then I still feel like I have so many clothes….and I’m not wearing them….which is really stupid I think!!!

Look Familiar???

I find when I go to my closet, having decided I would wear something different it makes me think about how I might like to wear that….like I will try to wear it a little bit differently. A different jacket with my favorite pants….or a dress I haven’t worn in a while. We have had terrible weather lately….so I’m saving my dresses….for warmer days! But then I ask myself….saving for what, exactly? Hmmm….So, I’m going to make it a point to wear things differently…just so I can discover some new looks….that I already own! That’s a great idea, don’t you think?

So….try it! Think about wearing the clothes you already have in a different way. There is every chance that you will look at the clothes you already have in a new way!

I love this dress! I forgot I had it!


Travel Look?!?

Do you have a favorite Travel Outfit? One that you can go to, right away, put in your suitcase and walk out the door?? If you don’t….think about it….because you should!! Your Travel Look should be well thought out….ahead of time!

BBD Style


Your Travel Look should consist of favorites from your closet. It’s kind of risky to have a new outfit in this scenario. The go to Travel Look should be something that you can go to for essentially wearing for a handful of days in a row. It has to be comfortable, but it also has to be good looking….and something that you know is good looking on you. This is the look that is going to get you through cancelled flights, delayed connections, bad weather, navigating close quarters and a whole host of challenging “what ifs”!

Going Places…!

Especially when you are traveling you Must pick knits that travel well. Clothes that you can pull out of your bag and they are ready to wear out on the town. Black double knit pants or skirt & jacket or cardigan….and/or denim are a great choice! These days there are a few places that you might not want to wear denim, which is when a black double knit is essential. But almost everywhere and anywhere you will see denim!! And you will look and feel very Chic!!

Stylish and Sensible!

Once you have decided on your clothes, choose a few pieces of jewelry that you Love to wear…things that are reminders of a special event, a birthday, anniversary, something like that. A special charm bracelet?, necklace?….it doesn’t have to be expensive….in fact it probably shouldn’t be expensive. I have a few things like this that serve as my secret weapon! They give me the courage to be invincible…when I have to be! I call them my power pieces. Silly as it sounds that is the little touch, something that almost no one will notice, but it is Your Secret Weapon!

I Love This Necklace!

The looks you pick should be looks that build on a few pieces….that you can layer. For when you are so hot on the airplane….and chilly in the airport!! Include a jacket, trench coat, something like that in case of inclement weather….you never know when you might need it! And it isn’t too bad to carry it along if need be.

So start planning now! Pick out some favorites….that are also sensible!….and have fun!!


Sale Shopping!?!

On the streets of NYC

Generally, I recommend shopping early in the season….and paying full price for your new clothes! I always advocate for shopping for a whole look, not just a 1 piece of a look, and then wearing that look hard!! Wearing it over and over and over again…all season long! So that when the next season comes along you will be ready for some new things. I really think that this is the way to get the most out of your money….to have your clothes work for you!! Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?!?

Well, lately to everyone’s surprise I have been Sale Shopping! As it turns out, I have learned a lot! I saw some things on line that were available for 75% off….and even more!! Because they were marked down so far (75%) I decided to try a few things…denim that is! I haven’t worn denim in YEARS! I bet I haven’t bought any denim since I’ve been married!! It’s been a really, really long time ago!! And, guess what….I LOVE them! My new jeans fit perfectly, they are comfortable to wear (over and over again!)….and I am so glad that I have them in my closet!

In fact, because I love them so much I am actually considering buying another pair!! I think they are marked down even more! So, why not!?! Sale Shopping is the perfect way to add to that beautiful outfit you bought early in the season! That fabulous pair of black pants that have become must have pieces in your closet. This is the perfect opportunity to replenish those pants into your wardrobe….nobody will know if they are Sale pants….or not! What they will notice, is that you look Great!

Remember….Wear Them in Good Health, and Wear Them Often!

Denim….2019 style!

I decided to go ahead and try something so new, and out of my box, so to speak, because they were on Sale. I’m not sure I would have done that if they were regular price, early in the season. I tried what is a new color for me….just because….why not!

Something new for me!

And, just one more thing! when we shop at the end of the season, and indulge in a second pair of favorite pants….and when we shop locally, we really support our local merchants and their business. It helps her to move forward and shop and plan for the next season, insuring that our favorite business will continue to be there for us to frequent!! And that is a good thing all the way around.

So, as soon as the Polar Vortex passes you by….get out there…..and Go Shopping!!! I predict that you will be glad you did!

My favorite NEW 75% off sweater!

Please comment and share your thoughts about sale shopping!! Where are your favorite sales…?!

Barbara ~ bbd@bbdstyle.com

It’s January 2019!

Beginning a new year!!

It has taken me a little while to get my arms around that! I am struck by the fact that we are living in the FUTURE!! Or almost anyway!! I think that 2020 is definitely the future….and it is practically here! Yikes!

Out and about in CuretĂȘ…
the Inaugural Collection!

So, I’m a little tardy with my New Years ideas. I heard a really good tip just the other day. My good friend Meg Daly ( https://mojomeg.com ) was talking about how to move forward into the New Year and rise to the occasion of setting up 2019 as a good year….maybe the best one yet!?! She suggested that we think about 2018, and the things we did, and the places that we went to, and make note of them so that we can make sure to continue to be involved in those things that bring us happiness and joy during 2019. Maybe your connection is with the cause itself, maybe it is with the people you know there, but let’s try hard to continue doing those things that, for whatever reason, make us feel good. When we feel good life is much better!

I want to add to that suggestion….that while you are doing that exercise of reviewing your 2018 calendar, think about what you WORE to those places for those variety of events. Think about this…sometimes the things we do, and really enjoy doing, are often about the experience that we share with others and about how the experience makes us feel. And what is more fun than getting up and putting on clothes that we like…just because they put a bounce in your step!?!

Get Up. Dress Up. and Show Up….And the Rest Will be History!

After all, when we get up and get dressed, in our favorites….there is a very good chance that it will be a very good day! You don’t have to be dressed up exactly, just dressed in your favorite looks….for whatever it is you are doing today. Try hard to make it a habit! I think that might be my best tip yet!?

So, here’s to 2019! Here’s hoping that it will be the best one yet….for all of us!! 🙂