Doncaster - Robin's Egg Blue

Sensible … or Fabulous?!

Why would I be sensible….if I could be Fabulous!!

Several years ago now I had a client that was having a terrible time deciding which coat to buy! Her choices was a robin’s egg blue wool coat…..chesterfield style, and the same thing with a robin’s egg blue, dyed to match fox fur collar! What’s a woman to do??!!

After a while I said to her well, if you can’t decide why not choose the more sober chesterfield style? She looked at me and said…..but Barbara, why would I be sensible….when I can be FABULOUS!?!

Isn’t that the truth? Why should we opt for ordinary….if we don’t have to!?

So, when you decide to go for FABULOUS….remember….

Wear it in good health….and wear it often!!

Great words to live by!

~ Barbara Drake

Doncaster Diary of Style

May Edition of the Diary of Style

Hello Friends!

Make it a point! Make it a point to surround yourself with people, places and things that make you feel GOOD!

Make it a point…to surround yourself with people that are positive! Those people that make YOU feel better just because you are around them! And likewise….lose the suckers!! Those people that suck all the energy right out of your veins!

Make it a point…to go to places that you like. Places that improve your outlook! Beautiful spaces. Places where you feel comfortable…and appreciated! Frequent them! And share them with your friends!

Make it a point…to surround yourself with the things you love! Those things that hold a special place in your heart. Those beautiful things that give you good vibes…..that have sentimental value to you! Those things that make your heart sing!

Last Chance to see Spring/Summer 2015!
Wednesday, May 27 1 – 5pm &
Thursday, May 28 9 – 5pm

And, make it a point to dress well! You will be so glad you did!

~ Barbara Drake

Doncaster Spring Summer 2015

Last Chance ~ Spring & Summer

Wear it in good health & wear it often!

Calling all fashionista’s ~ this is your LAST CHANCE to shop Doncaster Spring & Summer 2015

May 27 – Wednesday 1-5pm
May 28 – Thursday 9-5pm

813 E. Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee

BBD Style – Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello Ladies!
I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU for all of those who attended my birthday dinner. A fabulous evening was had by all and we started off this new year in a great way.

Thanks Again & Again!!!

~ Barbara Drake

Eight Ways To Brighten Your Day

Eight Ways to Brighten Your Day!

1. Talk to strangers!

But remember, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!

If you just can’t find a common ground to talk about, compliment her! There is every chance a simple compliment…”I love your shoes!!” OMG!! It’s that easy. It will make her day….and yours!

2. Don’t let yourself Go!


You decide when you get up in the morning what kind of day it will be! The first decision you make is the biggest decision you will make all day!
What will I wear today? Go out of your way to make sure that the things you have in your closet fit….and when you wear them….you ROCK! When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good you make smart decisions. When you feel good, you are nice to be around, and those people who are around you feel better too! Think about it!

3. Don’t forget your Lipstick!

Everyone….every smile…..looks more beautiful with LIPSTICK! Make it a point to update your go-to color each season!

4. Seek beauty…..look for it around you! Even the strangest places!

The cardinal at the back door….in the early spring! The beautiful batch of bluebells in the back yard! Wow! They are BEAUTIFUL!

5. A beautiful, flirty dress!

Something new….something kind of unexpected. Something that make you smile when you look at yourself! Then, remember, WEAR IT!

6. Dress well to please yourself! Not Him!

When you dress well you indicate to the world around you that you are worth it! That you treat yourself well. That you treat those around you well. That you know what you are talking about. And there is every chance that the people around you will listen to you … and better yet … they will believe that you know what you are talking about!

7. Accessories are Necessities!


A beautiful statement necklace and earrings makes a black shirt and pant look STUNNING! Think to yourself…..Wait… mean it is this easy to look this great!? And the short answer is YES!!

8. Appreciate your friendships & seek to make more!!!

If you are nice to people, they will be nice back to you. And soon you will have plenty to talk about…and a new friend to boot!! All of us want to have friends! We are the lucky ones if we can surround ourselves with people a little younger than we are….and a little older than we are…..and, even some that are our same age!!


Wear it in good health….and wear it Often!

~ Barbara Drake