Doncaster Fall Preview 2015

Fall Preview 2015

It’s Showtime!

We’re wrapping up the Doncaster fall preview trunk show and we’ve received great feedback from all of the ladies who stopped by! I simply could not wait to share these wonderful new pieces with the world!

Here is a quick sneak peak for those of you who couldn’t attend – and also for those who have not yet enjoyed a trunk show experience. Just imagine, shopping in the comfort of my home and/or the Women’s Club! Complete with a fashion expert, yes that’s me!, to help you select the very best pieces for YOU.

Be sure to stay tuned as this was just a preview, I will be sure to have these lovelies back again soon to share with you at another show.

Why be sensible … when you can be fabulous!

~ Barbara Drake

Doncaster Diary of Style

April Edition of the Diary of Style

Hello Friends!

Here in Wisconsin it seems like we might actually be seeing the first signs of SPRING 2015! If you have bought some new things for Spring…get them out of the closet and wear them!!

Why do we save our new things? We go out and buy beautiful new things that we LOVE, go home, and put them in the back of the closet! And SAVE them?! And go on and continue wearing the same old, same old! Whaaaat??

This is a great time to clean out/sort out your closet. The intention should be to separate from our old clothes…especially the ones you don’t wear often. Bring that garment to the front of the closet, maybe 3 garments at a time…..and make a point to wear it. You will quickly decide if you like those old favorites as much as the new things. If you take the pants off because they are too long, too short…put them directly into the shopping bag on the floor and give them to somebody that can really USE them!

Wear them in good health … and wear them often!!

~ Barbara Drake

Doncaster Women Summer 2015

Doncaster Spring / Summer 2015

It’s Showtime!!!

Today is a good day to be a good day!

Doncaster Spring/Summer 2015
Petites, Misses, Womens

March 19-21
813 E. Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee

March 25-28
Glendale, WI

Doncaster Diary of Style

March Edition of the Diary of Style

Hello Friends!

Life is more fun when you get dressed up!
So… Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up. …and MAKE something happen!

Kim Miselnicky is a young woman, a Doncaster Stylist, that I met recently. Out of the blue, she sent me a package of notes and paper work that I had shared with her months ago. Of course I had forgotten all about that! Then this package showed up on my door step! Imagine my surprise!?

On the outside of the envelope it read: Life is more fun when you get dressed up!

And I thought … it’s true! It was Sunday AM, all I wanted was to stay in my bathrobe all day! But instead I thought, Kim is right! It’s much more fun to get dressed up … so I did! And I accomplished a LOT! Do you know someone that would like to join us at Doncaster? Let us know!

Life is more fun when you get dressed up!

~ Barbara Drake

Doncaster Summer 2015

Welcome to BBD Style!

I cannot wait to share my world of Style & Fashion with You!

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