Thanksgiving 2015….It’s a Memory!

I love Thanksgiving!


Harry and I have been cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for our family and variety of friends for the last 39 years!

IMG_1823 By now, we have it down to a pretty good system. I know what to serve and I better not even think of changing that up! And I know where to get the different staples of the dinner just the way we like them! I pretty much am in charge of the decorating table settings & presentation and Harry gathers the favorite foods from all over town. I love fixing up the house for the holiday and getting ready for the company! 

I love that the Thanksgiving Holiday is really All About the family and our friends and of course the food especially the Turkey!

IMG_1805 These last few years I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to find pretty table decorations that are Not Red or Green, and show no signs of Christmas! I want Thanksgiving to precede Christmas not to fold into it! I like for the kids, and their parents, to put a little effort into what they are wearing, but I also want them to be comfortable! No “too tight” pants! Nobody, any age or size wants to sit down in pants that bind! Nor do they want to have a lot of pressure on them to get dressed up! On the other hand, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to wear some of those favorite things you have hiding in your closet just because! Just because it’s Thanksgiving Day!

IMG_1835IMG_1834 On Thursday evening, as the company was leaving, I realized this is it! It’s all over! I had mixed emotions, tho! Phew we made it! I think everyone had a great time! I know we did! Everyone had plenty to eat! I know that because we had few leftovers! It was a lot of work, a weeks worth, in fact! But, you know what…? We will do it again, and look forward to it a year from now.

Thanksgiving 2015 is now just a memory. I just started thinking of it this way, this year! I hope it’s a good memory for our family and friends.

And I hope that your Thanksgiving 2015 memories are good ones also ~ wherever you were for the weekend!

Now that it is a memory, this is a good time to make some notes of what you would like to do differently next year at this time! Thanksgiving 2016 will be here before we know it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from me and mine!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

Doncaster Diary of Style

November Edition of Diary of Style

I am a Lucky Woman!

It’s November…all ready! It’s time for me to turn my attention to turkey, stuffing, apple pie and gravy! Polish the silver, decorate the tables….and prepare for the company! I know what I’m going to wear…do you?

I am thankful for a wonderful family, husband, children that we love, siblings that we don’t see enough of, a host of in-laws…and even the outlaws! And a thriving Doncaster business that keeps me out of trouble…at least most of the time! I am grateful for the friends and clients that appreciate the product that I represent and the experience that I bring to my business.

As you are sorting out your closet and thinking about where you are going and what you are going to wear think about this…show your world that you respect yourself by dressing well. Your accessories?? The best accessory? Your smile!! It’s even better with RED LIPS! 🙂

The Doncaster Collection
Fall/Winter 2015

~ Barbara Drake

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Traveling … 3

We have enjoyed a wonderful whirlwind of travel lately!

BBD Style BBD Style

BBD Style BBD Style


It seems that I just cannot stop writing about our recent experiences….traveling! One thing remains a constant….the average man on the street is Very Badly Dressed! You really don’t want to be that person! We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, don’t we want to be sure it’s good?

BBD Style I think the best choice for traveling is a suitcase full of BLACK! It goes everywhere, mostly the looks go with each other, and you don’t have many decisions to make while hurrying to get an early start in the morning! Traveling is hard work. It takes a lot of energy! You get a lot of information, all at once, you have to keep your wits about you….all day long…no matter the circumstances! It’s best if you don’t have to spend a lot of effort and energy on your wardrobe.

Make your notes before you leave! Where you will be going. Who you will be going with. Plan accordingly! You will be so glad that you did! Make sure you have a few nice things that you LIKE to wear! At the end of the day, it will feel really good to have something you love to put on for dinner, whether it is with new friends, or old….Because, remember….one is silver and the other gold!

Every time I have a new collection the client walks in and says, I don’t know what I want, but I do know what I don’t want! No more Black!
Ok, Ok, I say!
So … what does she buy, Black!  Of course! 🙂

BBD Style
While I always advocate for some color, what is true is that 9 days out of 10 we get up and put on something black! Black bottoms, black t-shirt/sweater, a favorite statement necklace and I am good to go! It is a fairly predictable and therefore comfortable look! That’s a perfect description of a well packed suitcase!


Stay tuned! Every chance I will have some more Pearls of Wisdom from the next trip!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

Doncaster Diary of Style

October Edition of Diary of Style

More Traveling….!

When was the last time you were on an airplane? Well, we find ourselves traveling a lot this Fall….much more than usual! And generally speaking our fellow travelers look TERRIBLE!

I’m not complaining because they aren’t wearing Doncaster…..I’m complaining because they look like they are going to clean out the garage!! Or Mow the lawn!! Men in bad shorts….sandals….with socks??!! Really Fellas!!?? Women in bad black pants…..and a Packers jersey!! Really!? I’m not kidding!!

When did it become ok to let ourselves take a dive….because it was too hard to get ourselves dressed!! If you have stooped that low….or more likely know someone that has….take heart…and come see me!! I can introduce you to some great looks….looks that are lovely, comfortable, wearable and classic! You will look great…and feel even better!

Remember, Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up!
The Doncaster Collection
Fall/Winter 2015

~ Barbara Drake

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Traveling … 2

Well, we are off again! This time overseas! There is every chance that I will come home with some Great stories to share!

As I am preparing for the trip I have a few pointers to share. What to take with you for the trip is always challenging…especially if it is a new to you location. But I would strongly suggest that you only pack what you really need! Plan to wear each garment at least a few times…in different ways. This time we are taking a touring trip! That means long hard days of sightseeing! The most important and obvious must have is a great pair of shoes! Or better yet, a few great pairs of shoes! Plan to take clothes that can be layered. When you leave the hotel in the morning and when you stop for lunch in the square you will want very different clothes I think! It’s important to plan to wear the same thing as much as possible because your schedule is just too grueling to add in decisions about What To Wear!? Keep those choices very simple and minimal.

M. Mixed with red

I would also suggest that what you take on the trip is just those clothes that are tried and true! This probably isn’t the time to try new things….for the trip! Why? Because you don’t really know how they will perform for you until you break them in a bit. Tried and true basics are the best option…which does not mean the oldest and worst clothes in your closet either! Some Doncaster favorites include miracle pants of course! A great black and white suit….that can be separated! maybe 2 skirts & 3 pairs of pants….some favorite tops and a great strand of pearls!! An Voila! You will look like a milldam $$$.

W.bla:whi 3 pieceW.foresst:grape 3 piece If you are taking a big trip invest in the packing systems that are available out there. They will go along way in keeping your things under control, tidy and most important easy to locate early in the morning…when you are in a rush!! It is a little bit of money that is well worth the price!

And, for Pete’s Sake…Don’t forget the camera! Take as many pictures as you can that you will be able to share when you return home. Everyone will want to know all about your adventure!


Doncaster Street Stalking to wear later / Fall 2015


Be creative, but not too much!! You want to be able to brush your teeth, wash your face, put on some lipstick and run out the door to the next thing! Enjoy your trip…and your friends new & old….because one is silver and the other is gold!


Get Up, Dress Up. Show Up.

And the rest will be history!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

Traveling …

We have been traveling a lot this Fall!

We are visiting friends and family. We are going to new places and interesting, exciting cities even NYC on 9/11!! It was really something!

I work with New Yorkers and we have family, that are New Yorkers. You know it always amazes me. Everyone, all over the world was, and continues to be, in awe of the New Yorkers! They survived the worst attack on American soil ever and yet they stay there and stay busy and continue to look out for each other and do things like running Into Burning Buildings to help others survive the trauma and come out alive. And they keep on keeping on! It’s amazing to me. And the skyscrapers and the bridges ~ how did they build those? In the 18th century!? And the traffic!! How is it that any business is conducted at all? With everyone sitting in the middle of the street absolutely standing still stopped!

BBD Style BBD Style BBD style

Then we went almost directly to Tucson with my Doncaster Presidents Circle Colleagues to the desert in August! I thought it was crazy!! But, you know what? I was wrong! It was a wonderful experience. The opposite of NYC, really, quiet & calm and introspective. My husband went zip lining!! It’s just like Sky Diving! OMG!!! While I enjoyed getting to know some other Doncaster ladies. It was so special! We even got a sneak peek at Spring 2016! It’s beautiful!

BBD Style BBD Style BBD Style

We finished that trip with a visit to Chicago to see some very close family friends that we don’t see enough of who were in town from California! Our good friend was in town as the Director of a new performance of The Rainmaker at the American Blues Theatre. It was wonderful! Just Wonderful! I was laughing, teary-eyed, and out right weeping by the end of the show. It was a special treat that The Rainmaker was nominated for a Jefferson Award!! How great is that!?


So how does all this relate to a Fashionista?? OMG!! Ladies, we have to try harder to be respectful, not only of others, but especially of ourselves … while we are out and about! Generally speaking, the general public is walking around out there looking Horrible! When we got home, I was telling my friends that there were men on the airplane dressed like they were going to go cut the grass! And their women, dressed like they were going to yoga class which of course we were not!! Please lets make a pledge to ourselves that we will at the least look in the mirror before we walk out the door in the morning wherever we are going! Let’s not dress for the gym, if we are going to work, going to the store, going to lunch with a friend, going to our children school going just about everywhere besides the gym!BBD Style

BBD Style

BBD Style

Dress like you mean it! Wear Doncaster! It’s that easy!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

Doncaster Diary of Style

September Edition of Diary of Style

Be Empowered! Dress Well! Wear Doncaster!

Do you have a power suit? Your power suit is that look that you just love to wear! That look that you know looks fine, takes you where you need to go,and you feel confident that people will believe what you tell them! Generally speaking, the women that I know, and call my friends and clients, are women that are very good at what they do, and really all they want is for people to consider them credible. If you look like you know what you are talking about…there is every chance your audience will believe what you say! It’s really that simple.

I have a new power suit for this season! I have worn it twice now, each time I had compliments all day long, and now I can’t wait to wear it! Not because I feel I have to wear a suit, but because I WANT to wear my NEW suit!

Maybe YOU need a new suit?

The Doncaster Collection for Fall/Winter 2015
September 23 – 25

Can’t wait to see YOU!

~ Barbara Drake

Check out (Something New!)


Do you have some favorite accessories? I hope the answer is Yes!

Sometimes, your accessories are the things that finish off your Power Suit. Sometimes your accessories ARE your power look! Think about it! Reply to us and tell us all about your favorites….and why or what, made them your favorites? When I was the absolutely brand new girl at Doncaster I was lucky enough to be #1 in the country! The woman that I reported to at the time awarded me with a sterling silver star…including a charm with my initials and the date. That is MY secret Power piece. When I am going somewhere important, meeting new people, doing something that is new to me, I make it a point to wear that charm. That is my reminder that I CAN do it! Think….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. It’s my secret boost…nobody but me knows about my secret weapon, but when I am up there in a crowd, and I need it, it is my secret weapon…and it is there for me!

Next time you find yourself in an awkward situation ask the woman you are talking with to tell you the story about her ring, her necklace, her watch…you get the picture! There is every chance there is a great story that goes along with that favorite accessory of hers. Oddly interesting, each story in its own way, sentimental and powerful. She will have a story somewhat like mine…an anniversary present, a treasure from a Mom (or grandmother) long gone, a gift from someone important to you. You will learn a lot about your friend….probably a fond story that you will remember for a very long time!

They say….To Exercise is great!

But, I say….to accessorize is even better!

BBD Style

Try wearing one of the special pieces that you have been saving…and see if it doesn’t become your Power Piece! If it doesn’t…try another one until you find the thing that gives you your inner boost!

Sometimes your favorite accessory might be your lipstick or nail color! Try something NEW! This season that will be some shade of Bordeaux. Try it!

And, for some people the new favorite might be a new SHOE!! Walk on the wild side….try an animal print! Especially with a monochromatic look! How beautiful, and simple is THAT!?

Make it a point to try something new a ring/necklace/bracelet, it might be a new color, might be a new shoe … but try it! I bet you will be glad you did!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake


W Fall 2015Compliments are empowering! And they are best when you give them away!

Think about it! Whether you are receiving them…or giving them….they make you feel good! Try it! If you are giving them, hand them out generously! You will be so glad that you did! When you notice a positive change, comment on it…compliment her! Even if it is something small….a new lipstick shade, a new nail color. The more you pass them out ….. the better you feel, and the better the people around you feel.

It’s the beginning of a new season….Here Comes Fall 2015! This is a great time to be adventurous! Animal print accessories….ruby red nails and lip color? Try it! You might like it! A new hairdo? A new purse!?

Brighten Your Day with your favorite lipstick

You have summer looks you haven’t even worn yet? Now is the time! Quick! Soon it will be too tempting to move into animal print and ruby red, for pete’s sake! So wear those fabulous summer looks while you can! But, you should be shopping for your favorite Fall looks while they are fresh and new looking on the racks in the stores!

Soon I will be embracing animal print and ruby red!! So for now….I’m wearing my favorite summer looks…just one more time!

And Remember….Wear it in good health…and wear it often!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake

Good Girl!

I Have a Feeling! Do you know that feeling?

That feeling of … I think I can! I think I can! I think I can??? And then, when it is almost too much…

OMG … I Can … I did it!!!

BBD Style
They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Here it is! A visual, up close and personal of a woman that has been through the fight of her life. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor…and today….she is victorious!!! Here she is crossing the finish line of a triathlon that would cripple most of us! These women, and there are WAAAAY too many of them, that have fought this battle are brave … and strong … and smart. They work closely with their own physicians and teams of caregivers and their families and their friends. They have to in order to be victorious in their fight. But, when they succeed this is the feeling that all of their friends and families have, right along with them!Cancer Sucks

And, here is another one!

BBD Style

Hip hip hooray! To all my friends and family on all their accomplishments … big and small!

You Go Girls! Good Going!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake