How do you get Ready?

I had lunch the other day with a friend and as we were chatting I mentioned that I keep hearing the expression “Get Ready”. It made me think, Gosh every body keeps talking about Getting Ready….I wonder, what are they getting ready for???


Generally, I have assumed the expression relates to getting up and going in the bathroom, as maybe the morning routine? And she said, maybe it refers to preparing for your event….what will I wear, or even how will I get there?? Or even preparing for a meeting….what am I going to say today, how will I get there?? Where am I going to park? Maybe it really means you are “Getting Ready” for your day?? Maybe even how will I Get Ready for the rest of of my life?? Should we redecorate the house?? Should we move to a new house? A new neighborhood?? A new part of town even??

BBD Style

Maybe we should go back to the beginning. Let’s start to think smaller….those of you that know me, will be surprised to hear me talk about thinking smaller!! Let’s think about your closet! Making sense of your closet is probably the BEST way for most of us to Get Ready!!

A Great Closet… a must!

It could involve Getting Ready for the party…..Getting Ready for Fall Fashion???….What will you choose as your go to looks?! Or not?! Life is short. We just can’t wait around and waste time trying out different looks….that we don’t Love! To be our best selves we have to wear clothes that make us feel great! To do all the things we want to do we have to feel great, or we simply won’t be able to accomplish all the things we want to do!

Think of it this way…..if….

BBD Style
And…the world is your oyster!

What will you choose to wear today?!? What do you want to show off today?? Where are you going today?? What are you doing today?!? Choose something you already have in your closet….and something that you LOVE! And then think about adding something new/different!


BBD Style
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Ready or Not…It’s time to go Shopping!

It’s time to start thinking about putting away the pink, orange, yellow and spring green favorites that we have been wearing all Spring and Summer! It’s not that the weather has turned, it will still be warm (maybe even HOT) for a while.

BBD Style
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For the last twenty (or so!) years I have been beginning to wear my new Fall clothes in July….because I was selling Fall!! When I actually wear my clothes it reminds me of why I love it so much…and why I needed to sell it to YOU…so you can appreciate the features and benefits too! 🙂

BBD Style, Barbara Drake

So, here we are, mid-August, and even I am still wearing pink and green!! So, I am going to promise that by next week, I will modify what’s in my closet so that I will be slowly but surely nudged into wearing denim, navy, novelty prints and changing up the look that I will choose for now.

BBD Style, leopard print blouse
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There are a few trends you will want to be aware of. Most important is our old friend…Abstract Animal Print! It’s back in a major way!! If you prefer to dabble in AAP think about adding some to your new Fall looks with a purse, a pair of updated shoes, a knit top maybe? Think of it for now anyway as a touch of Fall… easier transition sort of thing!

BBD Style

Green, in almost any shade except Kelly Green is also among the must haves for Fall 2019. Right now I am liking a Rich, Dark, Forest Green. And if you just can’t embrace any more AAP think about Army Green….maybe some Camouflage added in for a kick? My favorite for this year is a Dark, Rich, Royal Purple. I am finding that by adding a little bit of these new trends to my old favorites I am putting together lots of great outfits from the clothes that I already have that look NEW to me!

So, take a minute to take stack of what you already have, think about adding a few new things to your “Favorites Pile”…..and what those new things might be…..and Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up!! And make it a Great Day!


BBD Style

OMG! It was Awful!!

I should have just gone outside!

Just after I sent out the last letter, our Internet went out! In 2019 it turns out that when the internet fails, everything fails! Ugh!! We had no email, no Facebook, no cable TV, no Netflix and no Amazon…..we were completely disconnected from Everyone & Everything….for 5 Days!! We called the cable company everyday and they eventually assured me that someone would be here today….but when that someone showed up….they couldn’t find…or fix….the problem!

Happy 4th of July

We tried to embrace it….and enjoy the fact that we were completely disconnected to the real world….but alas….I couldn’t do it!! I was beside myself!! I was so upset! I tried to start a new book….but couldn’t. I thought I would try to catch up with a few Podcasts I’ve been following….but I couldn’t! I did manage to get out and do some errands…..but when I got home….we were still in the dark…so to speak!

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the kitchen sink backed up and of course the plumber was Up North on vacation!! After all, we live in Wisconsin….and Up North is a real thing here!! Especially during Summer Vacation and…..hunting season! UGH!

The experience really did manage to highlight, to Harry and to me (but mostly me!) that we really are living in the Brave New World. Life is not what I expected it to be like “in the Future”….and we are living in the future! It is almost 2020 for Pete’s Sake! Back in 1970 I never once thought about what life might be like in 2020…..maybe about what it might be like in 2000, but I never got as far as 2020….who did!!??

So….what did I learn?? I learned I better start thinking about keeping up with technology as best I can. I am going to pledge to myself that I am going to embrace 2020….the best I can….so that I won’t be left behind! I did not like being disconnected from the real world! I hope that the businesses around us embrace those changes also…because we are going to rely on them in the future to keep us in the loop!


Look what I found! A picture of me in my Persimmon Suit!!

I’m a big fan….

of all the talent shows on TV these days!

Lately, I am liking the new team on America’s Got Talent….especially Terry Crews! He is a great addition to the team and adds a certain “je ne c’est quoi” to the show. I took special notice of the suit he was wearing the other night. He is a great, big, handsome guy and he was wearing a “Clementine” suit!! In other words, a Pink Suit! I loved it!

Terry Crews and the Detroit Choir, AGT

It reminded that several years ago now there was a Clementine Suit, with a big ruffle down the front, in the Doncaster Collection. I HAD to have that suit!! So, I got the suit and couldn’t wait to wear it. As it turned out, I got all dressed up early that day (I strive to get dressed only once a day!). We were having work done at the house, I had a National Conference Call, I was going to a meeting downtown, and I was definitely thinking of this suit as my Power Suit! It was going to be a long, busy day….and my secret weapon was going to be my new suit…in Clementine!

So the guys came to work on the house, and the first thing they said was…Mrs. Drake…You look HOT! It’s been a very, long time since I have had thirty-something year old men call me HOT! So, as you might imagine I was on top of the world!! 🙂

Until, the Doncaster Conference Call! The purpose of the call was to discuss the new Collection that was just debuting for the season. The Collection included the Clementine Suit. And the participants of the call were consultants from all over the country….established sellers and newer sellers. As soon as the designer suggested that we discuss the Clementine Suit….oh Boy!!! Did I hear it all!! An overwhelming number of callers were shocked and dismayed that the new Collection included a Clementine Suit with a great big ruffle down the front!! Who the heck would wear a Pink Suit???….and they were all especially upset that the suit was offered in Womens sizes!! Again….Who would wear a Pink Suit!!?!?

Oh no!!!! I was so worried! I thought….I have a big day, should I change my clothes?? Should I return the suit to the company?? What should I do!?! And, eventually, I decided “Nuts to them!” I love my new suit and I’m going to wear it….and rock it…no matter what those women think!!

So I did! And do you know what?? As it turned out, it was a great day!! I decided to focus on the fact that the painters at the house that morning thought I looked HOT!! So off I went. I killed it my meeting!! I met lots of new people that day that loved my Pink Suit, and couldn’t wait to come see (and SHOP) my new Doncaster Collection!! The day was successful in every way!

So, in fact, it did turn out to be my Go To Power Suit…in Clementine! Sometimes, you just have to muster up the courage to do it your way….and pray that it will all work out in the end!! That’s why we all have to have a Power Suit….Clementine or not… our closet. Some days we need all the help we can get….including the power that we get from our Go-To clothes!


I hope everyone has a happy 4th!
Happy 4th!!

Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up.

Sometimes it is so hard!!

It seems like I have a lot of clothes in my closet. Clothes that I like, but I don’t seem to WEAR. So I have to ask myself why not? Are they too big? Too small? Do they itch? Or do they make me feel GOOD? Sometimes it is really hard to tell.

Green polka Dot Sweater Doncaster Collection

This morning I decided that I should not wear them if they don’t make me feel GOOD! How could I possibly accomplish all the things I want to do today, if I don’t feel GOOD in my clothes?!? So I reached for a sweater that I haven’t worn in awhile….in fact I remember trying it on once ages ago, and then I decided I was not going to wear this one, but instead I would choose that one. So this morning when I reached for it and started to put it on, and then decided against it….I took it right to the give away pile!! The chances of my actually wearing it….wearing it happily, that is….at this point, is slim to none I guess. There is nothing wrong with it really….it fits….I guess the problem is, I don’t like the fabric….so I’m not comfortable in it. So instead of hanging on to it, I’m going to share it with someone that will LOVE it….and it will empower HER. And that makes me feel really good!

Another thing I decided this morning….I am going to try really hard to wear something different each day. It sounds like it should be so easy….but lately I’ve been wearing things for a few…or more….days in a row. They aren’t that dirty, they are comfortable favorites, so why not?? But when I let myself do that, I end up wearing just a few things all the time….and then I still feel like I have so many clothes….and I’m not wearing them….which is really stupid I think!!!

Look Familiar???

I find when I go to my closet, having decided I would wear something different it makes me think about how I might like to wear that….like I will try to wear it a little bit differently. A different jacket with my favorite pants….or a dress I haven’t worn in a while. We have had terrible weather lately….so I’m saving my dresses….for warmer days! But then I ask myself….saving for what, exactly? Hmmm….So, I’m going to make it a point to wear things differently…just so I can discover some new looks….that I already own! That’s a great idea, don’t you think?

So….try it! Think about wearing the clothes you already have in a different way. There is every chance that you will look at the clothes you already have in a new way!

I love this dress! I forgot I had it!