Something a Little Different!

It’s time to have a Mission to Transition our closets to prepare for Fall…for real! I decided this morning…it’s about that time…for me to transition my own closet to Fall! It’s time to clean out the closet….re examine the black pants…spruce up my look for Fall! I’m on it!

As I look over my closet (specifically, black pants!) I notice that some of those pants I have had for awhile now. They look really different from the pants I have bought recently. Hmmm…..they might not make the cut!?

Be particular! Be relentless! Don’t keep them just because at some point you Had to have them, so you bought them!

If you have trouble separating from your old clothes…think of it this way. Share them with people who don’t have any black pants…and need some! Some ideas for repurposing your old things?? Goodwill, your church, a charity in your area, maybe?? They will love to have them!! Your cast offs are likely to be Life Changing for Someone!

I want to take a minute and share just some of the great notes I have recently received! They motivated me to transition to Fall, maybe they will help you to adopt the Mission to Transition!?!

…..I looked thru closets and found several black sweaters and a nice silk jersey turtleneck, so have black.  (I also cleaned out all my closets and feel just great and in control)😷. Thurs. I am devoting the day to trying on ALL my pants and eliminating any that don’t fit right.
I truely feel good.   MS

……Another great article!!!  I am in the midst of cleaning out my closet.  You should see the pile of dresses, etc. and yes, multiple pairs of black pants that are going to Goodwill!  You inspired me to purge my closet of things I won’t wear again, haven’t worn in years, don’t fit right, slightly out of style, “what was I thinking when I bought this”, and I could go on and on.  Most importantly, I need space for my new things which I love.
Have a nice week,…..BD

….I wore my new dress to the opening cocktail party at (the club) Saturday night.  It was such a treat to wear – so great looking and as comfortable as a bathrobe! I got many compliments, including one from a most attractive young woman who said she was taking note of the best looking dresses at the party and mine was in the top 10😀  Thank you Barbara!…..SU

The Doncaster Collection

Fall/Winter 2017

@HOME 9/21-23

@WCW 9/27-30

Save some time to come and see me and what’s new!









The Universe was talking to me!


It happened to me last week.

I was trying to do everything!! At once!! To get caught up…and to get ahead!! And the week was speeding by! And everything seemed to be happening at once! And all of a sudden it was Thursday!! The week was almost over!

I was so upset!! All  night!! What should I wear!? To do all these different things I had scheduled!! This one is at the cleaners, this one needs to go to the cleaners!! Yikes!!! What to do!?!?! How will I do it all!?! I could wear this one….nope maybe that one…!?! And finally I fell asleep!

I got up on Friday morning bright and early. I showered, did my exercises and decided to quickly check my email before I got dressed…just to make sure I still had to Everything!

The first email I saw, was my client saying she didn’t need her new things today….it’s summer vacation!! Relax and come when you can! It’s no problem, I’m around! Hmmm……I thought. And the very next email I opened was from my good friend Meg Daly! She is a Personal Coach and always has valuable pearls of wisdom to share! Her advice to the Universe that day?? It was to ask the question….Are you making your life overly complicated!!?? Yes, I am!!! Oh No!!

So, I changed the date with my client. I went to the gym and my trainer. I came home and changed my clothes. Then I went to hostess (with an old friend and a new friend!) an important luncheon event. Then I came home, for a minute, and Harry and I went out to dinner with some friends! Phew it was a busy day! But I lived thru it!!       

And I lived thru it, well dressed!! Thank heavens for my Doncaster clothes! They take me to the places I go!! I went every where (accept to the trainer…and on some days I even go there!) dressed in Doncaster….LOVE the Miracle Pants!

The learning? Dress Well! You never know where your day will take you…and who you will meet. And…Stop…just for a minute…to listen to the Universe! There is every chance that some one , some where out there, is looking out for you, after all.

Today is a Good Day for a Good Day!

Enjoy it!








Don’t Forget!


To wear your favorite Spring and Summer 2017 clothes!

It’s Time! Now!

No more saving them! If you do not wear your favorite things soon, you will miss the whole Spring Summer 2017 season altogether!


Like it or not….it is the middle of August…and it won’t be long until we start wanting to wear Fall! The Fall Doncaster Collection is beautiful!! There is lots to love! But you won’t be ready for new things, if you haven’t worn the new things you bought in the Spring!!

Wherever you bought them!


Style … it’s a point of view!

Carefully picked garments will define who you are.

Make the time to choose your clothes, early in the season. That way you can wear them in good health…and wear them often! You get so much more for your money when you shop that way!

                            Always look your best!     Christie Brinkley

Make the time to define your style! You will be glad you did!



They say….

Success Breeds Success!

Do you look like you know what you are talking about?!? When you talk about things that you love…and know about….do people believe what you say? I hope so! Harry went to a conference recently. When he got home I asked him how was the conference? He said Fine. I asked if he thought the woman speaking knew what she was talking about….he hesitated….so I asked again….did she inspire confidence? Did she look like she knew what she was talking about!?! Hmmm…..he said!

So, try it for yourself. Strive for Success …. because Success Breeds Success!

Unfortunately the opposite is also true. Lackluster Performance Breeds Lackluster Results.

I have the tools at my fingertips to help you take the first step.

Dress for Success!! It works!

See for yourself!






And, start thinking about a new lipstick for Fall!! They are gorgeous!

Ready or not…Here Comes Fall 2017!

















Wear It In Good Health….and Wear It Often!

This is a perfect example!

I wore my NEW dress from Fall 2017 the other day.

I loved it! Comfortable, New, Snazzy…all in all, GOOD. Until I looked at the picture!! As you can see…I neglected the lingerie keepers!!! Oh No!! Now I have a perfect reminder….a pic of what I shouldn’t do!! (Ugh!)

This is a perfect reason to wear our clothes often!! That way we can practice how we like them BEST. If we rarely wear our clothes we won’t have the chance to get the best use out of them…..and we won’t discover how we like them BEST!

Hopefully, next time I wear this dress I will look in the mirror before I walk out the door!









Please comment & share your thoughts about style & fashion!!

~ Barbara

Comments always welcome!



Personal Branding!


We are our business!

Think about it! Are you trying to start a new business?? Or even just to improve/grow the business you have? It starts with a positive self-image! Be the best you can be!

They say, the hardest thing to change is a poor first impression. Or…You Don’t Get a 2nd Chance to Make A First impression! So, For Pete’s Sake, make your first impression a good one! You don’t have to be Perfect. You do have to be Just Fine!

There are two things to that will insure a positive first impression. Be Well Dressed. Be Well Groomed.

How do you do that? Make it a point! Find a stylist that you trust to give you a new hairdo. Go to your favorite make up counter at the mall for a make up update. If you don’t know where to go, try Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier. Either one of these counters will give you a nice, new, modern look…..that is well suited to YOU!

And modify, or update your closet. This is the time of the season to begin shopping for Fall. Introducing some great new things to your closet will help you to be inspired about what to keep….and about what to purge from your own closet!

Some tips for Fall 2017?? Purple….any shade that suits you! Espresso…is BACK! Purple and Espresso is even better! Many of my friends will be very happy to hear that the Navy that we saw so much of in Spring 2017 is still very much Here! And the VERY IMPORTANT Imperial Red…a deep, true Red color! It’s huge for Fall! Consider adding a beautiful, rich, NEW red lipstick!

It’s easier to sell YOUR story if you update & clear up your Self! YOU are the first impression of YOUR business after all.

Need some help with your clothes? You’re in Luck!

It’s SHOWTIME! in Milwaukee!

Make it a point to come see me at the Woman’s Club of Wisconsin. This week, Wednesday – Saturday (til 1pm). We will make it a point to try on some new looks!

I think you will be glad you did!


Cool!! … And Comfortable!!


It only works for us, if it is comfortable enough to wear All Day Long…and takes us to all the places we want to go! And…when we want to feel Cool when we wear it! I mean … Cool….as in edgy, smart, sassy …as in it puts a bounce in my step! I’m confident that I look fine…because I feel good. That means things like…I like the fabric…it feels good on my skin. It might mean that I like the color….try something New To You. Forget the old….I can’t wear stripes! Or I never wear Yellow! Try it, you might like it!

Doncaster Summer 2017

We reach a time in our lives when maybe we feel invisible. Do you ever feel that way? I often hear that from my clients. If so…try something new! It can be as simple as a new pair of pants….a pretty scarf…or a blouse with a lot of pattern! Or…a new pair of shoes! Not too far out….but something that’s New To You, and comfortable enough to wear all day long. You will notice that people begin to compliment you….and that feels so Good! of course when someone compliments you you know she/he has noticed you!

Speaking of compliments!! They are a great, and they are a Free, Source of Energy! Think about it! A compliment is a Win/Win! It’s makes the complimentee feel good, of course! But, it also makes the complimentor feel good also! Try it! You will see what I mean! When you take the time to compliment someone, in a way, you are offering your support to her…acknowledging her. You are sharing with her that you Noticed Her….and for a lot of women that’s a Lot!

One more thing, when you do go out on a limb and choose something New that you like and you think you can wear, and you are up to at least trying it out….be sure to Wear It!! Don’t Save it for the Perfect Occasion! Do you know why? It’s simple….once you get in the habit of saving it…it will never be good enough to actually Wear! We have to wear our clothes in order for them to work their magic!! I try to make it a point to wear my new thing with in the first few days….just because! I always tell my clients….Wear It In Good Health…and Wear It Often!!

Our new things become old favorites when we Wear them! We learn to wear them here, and there, and everywhere in between….in fact to all the places we go each day.

And really what we all want is a closet full of clothes that take us to the places we go….and make us feel good when we are on the move!

Are you looking to Feel Better? Go shopping! Take a look at what is out there! Try something new! Get inspired! If you are having trouble…Call Me!! I can help you to make the right choice!

I think you will be glad you did!




Please comment & share your thoughts about style & fashion!!

~ Barbara

Doncaster Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook

Comments always welcome!

Spring/Summer Fashion 2017!

It’s time! It’s finally here! It’s really Spring/Summer 2017!

Even if it is still chilly outside, it’s time to ditch the ever popular Black Knit Pants!! The grass is Green, the flowers are Pink & Yellow, and the sky is Blue! Let’s mix it up a little bit people!

Oh No!! You say? Then what will I wear!?! You are going to make it a point to “Lighten Up Your Bottom”! Think Orchid Pink, Lollipop Red, Marina Blue…or the NEW Leaf Print! They are so great! And wild! The first thing you are going to do is to add some color to your wardrobe! It will put a bounce in your step, and give you the energy to reach for the stars. If you lighten/brighten up your bottoms, then you can rely on a plain, old white top…well….ditch the “old”….especially when it’s white! The get dingy and get spots so it’s best to renew those on a regular basis.

If lightening up your bottoms gives you the heebie-jeebies, then stick with your tried and true black…maybe navy?…or white?…and add some color to your top! The colors this season are beautiful and bright! If your bottoms are more subdued, then you can take a walk on the wild side with your tops. Think Pretty…Colorful…modern silhouette!

I would really encourage you to try a Dress this Summer! I think you will like wearing a dress/skirt once you get used to the idea! I find myself wearing dresses much more often recently than I ever thought I would. Dressing in a dress makes the whole process so much easier! One decision…which one to wear… the only decision you have to make in the morning! How easy is that!









Then you can had one more thing….a great necklace! Bracelet?  or Earrings maybe??!!

And, For Pete’s Sake….don’t forget your lipstick!!! 🙂

Think about it! I think you will be glad you did!










Reunions..!! Such FUN!

Doncaster Summer 2017
Recently we took a trip to meet up with some really good friends that we haven’t seen in such a long time! It was a Birthday Party, in Florida…

                          Happy Birthday Chris and Cappy!

and we had so much fun! We have known these people for most of our lives!! We knew their parents…and in some cases Grandparents! And, of course, we know their children and their spouses, and now their Grandchildren also! It’s such an amazing phenomenon, when you think about it! Think about it this way….how many generations do you know of your closest friends!?! Probably not that many! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! 🙂

We are the Lucky Ones….!

Actually, we had a lot of fun during our short visit talking about ME….and my BLOG! Imagine that?!? Everyone we saw has not subscribed to BBDStyle….yet…but we still had such fun talking about…

Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up

….and the rest will be History in the making.

It turns out that the women love it, and often recite to themselves….Barbara Drake says…GU.DU.SU…..but the real surprise was that the men said the same thing! The most brilliant thing about this one is….it sounds like it should be so easy….but we all know that on some days it is Really, Really Hard!

Then one of the guys said, I like the other one she says even better!! I was so surprised! Which one could he be talking about??

Dress like you are going somewhere better…later!

Of course I said!! That’s a great one too!Those of you that see me often know that I use that one a lot!

So, alas, finally it was time we all had to leave and go back to the real world! We went to pack our bags and get ready to go out to Brunch with some other friends, on our way to our next stop. As we rode down the elevator we thought everyone else had already left….but, not so! As we stepped out of the elevator into the lobby the birthday girl exclaimed….OMG! Are You Going Somewhere Better…Next!?! 🙂 And I immediately got it! Well, I thought….That’s for me to know….and for you to find out, I guess!! 🙂

So if you haven’t tried it yet….think about it this way….keep them guessing!! What are you doing?? Where are you going?? If you dress like you are going somewhere important….you will keep them all guessing! How fun is that!? It’s easy….and comfortable….to be well dressed when you have the right tools!! Think of your clothes as your “tools”….and think of your favorite tools as your Doncaster clothes!!

I have the Fall 2017 here at home if you can come see what’s new, please call me! This is a great time to shop….

  1. If you travel a lot, or have the grandkids come to visit Wisconsin in the Summertime…

  2.  If you have a busy schedule, and find you can take a break NOW…

  3. If you are a Fashionista at heart and want to see and take advantage of the Next New Thing!

Call me if you can make it! You will be glad you did!