This is a Great Time of Year!

Really, I mean it! I know right about now you are thinking….I am NUTS!

Remember my motto? Dress Like You Mean It!

Shades of Spring2016

In other words that means, dress like you are the Boss of Your life! I used to use that expression with my children all the time. They would say….Mom, you aren’t the boss of my life! Oh yeah???? I said!?

Anniversary Dress

We all should dress for the job we want, not necessarily the job we have. If you are looking for a promotion, dress like your boss. But if you are changing roles, moving away….climbing the ladder at another firm…or retiring from your current position for another one? Or just plain retiring! They say that the Baby Boomers are not going to Retire. They are going to Re-Hire. They are looking to try new things. Or looking to learn new things and go new places.


I encourage you to Go For It! But, Dress for Success! Don’t fall into the trap that just because you don’t go to an office everyday that no one cares what you look like! Or what you wear! It’s just the opposite. Most Baby Boomers are women that are very good at what they do. Why not look like that? Remember…you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!


This is a terrific time of year to sit back and peruse the magazines, movies…any kind of social media. Think about trying a new look. The only thing that matters is that it is new to you. Soon the stores and malls will be full of beautiful new clothes….some great new looks. If you don’t find some good looks there, then call me! I’m sure that we can find some new things for you from The Doncaster Collection Spring 2016! Buy your clothes with purpose so that it will be simple to Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up. ….. And, Dress Like You Mean It!



Doncaster Diary of Style

January Edition of Diary of Style

Happy New Year! Everyone seems to agree … 2016 will be a banner year!!

Apparently for 2016, New Year’s resolutions are “Old Hat”! I have it on good authority! They say that by 1/17….anyone who did make a resolution is resigned to the fact that the impending change….it probably isn’t that important after all…and it probably isn’t going to happen!

So let’s decide to move forward in a more positive way. Do you know how we do that? We just decide to. We just make it a point to GET UP. DRESS UP. & SHOW UP.

Are you tired? Need a boost….but don’t really know how?? Or what? Give yourself permission to try a new look. Check out the fashion magazines. Think about it. Which look do you like? Which look do you think you might be able to embrace?

Still can’t decide? Then come see me! Together we will experiment with some new looks!

Petites, Misses, Womens
@ WCW 1/20 – 1/23
@ HOME 1/27 – 1/30

Looking forward to seeing you!!

~ Barbara

Create A Favorite Place …

In Your Closet!!!

In 4 easy (enough) steps. 1) Clear away the clutter. 2) Spruce up the space. 3) Display your clothes, and accessories, as much as possible. 4) Personalize your space!

Clear away the clutter! That means, toss the cleaning bags, pitch the hangers that are not in use right now. Invest in hangers that you think will show off your clothes in the best way. Have your clothes all hanging in the same direction. Make sure the clothes that “get to stay” are fresh from the cleaners and all in good repair. You should be able to wear Everything in your closet at any time! Remove all the things taking up valuable space…tennis racket, wrapping paper, skis,  etc….find another spot for those things.

images-1 images



As you spruce up the space it will start to become your Happy Place! To do a really thorough re-do remove everything from your closet….and bring the vacuum! Clean away the spider webs, dust mites, starting to get the picture? Maybe paint the inside closet walls your favorite color? Is your lighting dim? Or worse naked? Replace it with a light fixture that will provide beautiful light. Maybe you can find a corner for a rose blossom? It will make you feel better and look better too!

images-2 images-3

Display your clothes by look. Put the black things together with the things you will wear with them. Try to fold knits….they will grow hanging lopsided on an old hanger for too long. (That’s not a good thing!) Sort out your athleisure wear too. Go thru your shoes, the all day every day shoes, the party shoes, the favorites. Separate from the shoes that never worked just how you expected them to. Your space is too valuable! Create a space in your closet for your accessories…..scarves, necklaces, those power statements that give you that extra “je ne sais  quoi!”







Save a little bit of space to make the space your own! To make your closet an inspiring place to be. We do not want your closet to be a dreaded spot….a place that makes you nervous when you just think about it! A good mirror is a MUST! It should be beautiful….and the very best quality you can find! Make sure that when you look into it you can say, Ok…This is Good!

IMG_1892Now that your closet is full of life, energy and beauty…..Let’s focus on the fabulous new looks that you will find in there! Maybe you will find an old favorite that you can re fashion and wear a different way than you did the first time around. It should be easier for you to spot the things that are holding you back….maybe they were bad choices in the first place? Maybe it was marked down so low you HAD to buy it? Or, maybe they just don’t fit any more, all these feelings will contribute to making you edgy, nervous and hopeless about re styling your New You! Your closet is a very emotional place! Do your part to make it full of good emotions and memories!


Remember It’s a new Year….use this opportunity to make it a New You too! I think you will be glad you did!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake

Spring 2016 Trends

Follow BBDStyle for up to the minute Spring Fashion Trends for 2016!

For more Doncaster looks for Spring 2016 click here!


~ Barbara

Speaking of Branding …

Good afternoon everyone!

A little while ago we talked about branding your business. The best way to establish your business is to establish your “look”, or your theme. My business is Women’s Fashion! Doncaster is the brand name, and we are starting off the 85th year of a well established reputation in Women’s Fashion.

Crimson Star Dress with Vest

Doncaster is a sophisticated line of well made, tailored clothing available in Petites, Misses, Womens sizes. Women who choose to wear Doncaster are likely to be women with high standards. She maintains high standards in her profession as well as in her own personal life. Most of the women I work with wear Doncaster because they want to. They want to be well dressed and stylish, but they don’t have the time or the inclination to fuss over herself…or her wardrobe. The women I work with are very good at what they do, and really what she wants is to have people listen to her when she talks about what she knows about. It’s really that simple.Polished and Modern2016

When we talk about a consistent theme in your message remember that the theme has to carry on throughout your business. If you have a sophisticated client base, you want to have a well heeled business plan. Why?? Who Cares? The women you want to work with care, that’s why. They expect to be well taken care of by people who know what they are talking about. Make sure you are well informed in all the aspects of your business….and as much as possible with your clients business. Belle Media has done a wonderful job of providing me with tools that I can use to reach out to the clients that I already have, and to women that know nothing about me or about Doncaster.

Elevate your look. Elevate Your Business! And you will attract a base of support that will support you and your product. Being a Fashion Consultant is a great business! If you would like to know more about it, just let me know!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake

Kick the Winter Blues to the Curb!

We are well into January. The holidays are over. New Year’s celebrations are over….and they even say that if you did make a resolution for 2016….you are probably over it by now!

Resolutions, they say, are yesterdays news! Thank Heavens! The resolution replacement is Choose a Theme for 2016. Pick ONE word that will become your theme for 2016. My theme….? Doable! I am famous for getting up in the morning and having a list of 47 things to do. Then, when nighttime comes, I am beating my self up for not getting through the list. I want to think of things, probably small changes, of things that I can actually DO! I think most of us can actually do these things that I am going to try hard to accomplish.Spring Dressing2016

For example, Plan your looks. Choose a few looks that are new to you. Looks that you are willing to try. You might even find some of the pieces to your new look right under your nose, in your closet! Just use it a little differently. Organize your closet! Get rid of the things that clutter it up. But be sure to keep the things you Love…and keep them front and center. Try some new underwear. IMG_2189It’s a really good rule of thumb….get fresh new undergarments at the beginning of the season! When you get your new clothes. Your clothes will fit and look much better on you.

Have fun with fashion! Look for inspiration from your fashionable friends, a trusted mentor, a fashion consultant…and especially your favorite magazines. Be bold…..just bold enough to consider something a little bit different from the same old same old.


Simplify your go to accessories to make room for some fresh new looks. Feature them in easy to see and accessible spots in your closet. Update your make up routine. Make sure it is easy to apply. When you are finished, make sure that you still look like you….just better! Refreshed. Renewed. Ready for a new year!

And, for Pete’s sake…..give yourself enough time in the morning to complete your established routine. If you follow these tips my guess is that you will have a great day….then another….then another.

You get the idea! …and 2016 will end up being a wonderful year!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

Business Branding with Belle Media

As you may already know … although I have been working with Doncaster and loving their stylish fashions for many years, my BBD Style Fashion Blog is relatively a new thing and I’m having soooo much fun learning along the way!

Belle Media Website Design
My website designer is Belle Media and together we’ve created a wonderful online place to share fashion trends, tips, and tricks. If you would like to start a website or need help updating your current website feel free to contact
If you would like to know more about the variety of services offered you can visit her website at

A great tip I have learned is to “keep things consistent”, whether in-person and/or online. In keeping with this idea I’m furthering my business branding with these lovely BBD Style business cards, also designed by Belle Media. I look forward to reaching out to even more fashionistas and continuing to share my joy and love of fashion, family, friends, and of course, the finer things in life!!!!!

Please join us in this conversation … always feel free to comment on my posts and share your thoughts with us all!!!

BBD Style business cards by Belle Media

Out with the old, In with the New!

It’s Showtime! in Milwaukee!

Doncaster Spring 2016

@ Woman’s Club of Wisconsin

January 21, 22, 23, 2016


January 27-30, 2016

This is Doncaster Today Spring 2016

The most alluring quality a woman can have is Confidence!     Beyonce

So…how do we get that…confidence, that is.

One way we can do that is to Dress Well. When you dress well, you show the world that you respect yourself. They think, if she respects herself, maybe I should to! Sounds logical doesn’t it?? Try it!

W The New Office!

January is a great time to Refresh! Refresh your closet, refresh you look, your individual style. It’s a good time to clean out the clutter and to simplify your closet…and your life. It’s really hard to refresh your look, and up your game a bit, if you are weighted down by a lot of old and tired clothes! They are yesterday’s new! A burden! Experiment with some Fresh, New Looks! New Look, New You is a way to think of it! You will embrace that change by trying something New! It’s only January though. That might present somewhat of a problem, especially if you live in Wisconsin, like I do! If it is just too early in 2016 for you to think about Refreshing Your Persona, try this. Just think about it for a while. Check out some style magazines. See what’s new and coming up in the fashion scene for 2016. Tear out some sheets of looks that you think you might be able to try. Some of those looks are: stripes, dresses, color! lots of it, and the new khaki, Twine! It’s the new basic for Spring 2016. As you start to peruse the magazines you will undoubtedly start to think….maybe I could do that!? Think: Try It, you might like it! And if it turns out you don’t like it….think about how you might try to tweak it a bit so that the look will become Your Own. After all, that’s the objective!

Spring Dressing2016

Make a decision. Decide to Dress Like You Mean It! Dress like you are serious about what you are doing! Maybe it is at the office, maybe it is at the gym, maybe it is taking care of everyone else that is important to you….nevermind….just dress like you mean business. People will listen to you. you will get more accomplished. When you are well dressed, and you know it, you plow through your day handling one issue after another effortlessly! It is such a good feeling!! And That is what makes you confident! And nobody can take that away from you!

It is very easy to fall into, it’s too cold….I’m tired….nobody cares what I wear….it’s too hard to Get Into my closet! I’m overwhelmed….I don’t feel like it….I can’t…..I don’t want to…..get it?? Of course you do….we all do. My suggestion is to just say….nevermind….today, right now, I am going to Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up. and Make Something Happen!

Crimson Star Dress with Vest

Need some new looks to spur on the greatness?? Come see me the end of the month at Showtime! Doncaster Spring 2016. Surely we will find something for you to embrace….a look that reminds you that maybe you just can….Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up… that is! Do it….try it! For yourself!

I think you will be glad that you did!

Happy New Year 2016!


BBD Fall 2014

It’s a New Year!

Why not make it a new you!!??

Have you had too much holiday fun? Are you tired? Fed up? Overwhelmed?

I have a suggestion!

This is Doncaster Today Spring 2016

Get Dressed Up! It will put a bounce in your step…all day long! It’s a great way to start 2016! Think about it!

I bet you will be glad you did!


DrakeFAVE-1 copy

A Role Model

I lost a friend last week. I’m going to miss her!

She was a woman that I knew through my business, Doncaster. The first time we met, several years ago now, in December…..I was wearing a Fabulous faux fur, pumpkin, suede coat. It was a favorite of mine, and as it turns out of hers! She Had to Have it! so I ordered it for her the next day. Her new things arrived about a week later and I called her to see how we could connect to get her new things to her. She answered the phone, but was very distracted…and immediately said she would have to call me back. I thought the worst, of course! That she didn’t really mean to order the things….and I had misunderstood her. She called me back right away…and told me that she had woken up to her husband of 60-something years, dead in the bed next to her. Oh No!!! Of course she was distracted!

But, she wanted her new clothes!!! For his funeral!! Of course she did!! They looked like a million $$$ on her! And she wanted to look like a million $$$ for his funeral!

Every time, every single time, I saw her over the years she was Dressed…like she meant it! Red lips and nails, maybe hot pink in the summer…hair done….make up perfect! She lived her life well….because she just decided to. She was a perfect example of Dress Well and you show the world you respect yourself. I really admired that about her.

As the years passed by, and I got to know her better, what I learned was that sometimes it wasn’t easy for her to get up, and to dress up. She developed some health issues that became more and more challenging. But, still, she looked terrific! The red lips….the polished hair and make up. I was really amazed at the strength it must take to achieve that pulled together look pretty much every day…good days and bad. Several days a week she was going to therapy of one kind or another…and still she looked Great!

Every time I saw her I came home glad that we had been able to connect that day. I felt better because our paths had crossed. I thought, she is an excellent role model for me. She is the woman I want to be when I grow up!  I thought about stopping by to see her several times over the holidays, but for one reason or another I didn’t get to it. I’m so sorry I let my busy life get in the way.

There is some good news tho! I did hear from her daughter. She called to tell me her mom had died…on Christmas Day. She had been out to lunch with her children and grandchildren, and the little great grandchildren…. and friends and family…and was wearing her favorite outfit. Her Doncaster gold lame jeans, with the white blouse with Swarovski crystal lapels and white sweater with crystal embellishments! Complete with red lips, nails….and bejeweled flats! I know the look well….because it was a favorite of hers…and mine!

I understand that her son brought her home, and she said I don’t feel too good. He said well let’s go sit down for a minute, it’s been a really busy day. And, that was that.

So, I’ll say it one more time. I want to be just like her. I hope when it is my time to go it will be with red lips and nails, and sparkle from head to toe…I hope that someone will think, she was a woman who lived like she meant it!


Maybe the next time you get up and think, oh well, I’ll just wear my tired old sweatpants today….nobody cares what I wear….maybe you will think of this story. She dressed for herself, the way she wanted to…certainly not because some one else thought she should!

Be the Best Woman You Can Be…Dress Like You Mean It!

Happy New Year! 


DrakeFAVE-1 copy