Do you have some favorite accessories? I hope the answer is Yes!

Sometimes, your accessories are the things that finish off your Power Suit. Sometimes your accessories ARE your power look! Think about it! Reply to us and tell us all about your favorites….and why or what, made them your favorites? When I was the absolutely brand new girl at Doncaster I was lucky enough to be #1 in the country! The woman that I reported to at the time awarded me with a sterling silver star…including a charm with my initials and the date. That is MY secret Power piece. When I am going somewhere important, meeting new people, doing something that is new to me, I make it a point to wear that charm. That is my reminder that I CAN do it! Think….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. It’s my secret boost…nobody but me knows about my secret weapon, but when I am up there in a crowd, and I need it, it is my secret weapon…and it is there for me!

Next time you find yourself in an awkward situation ask the woman you are talking with to tell you the story about her ring, her necklace, her watch…you get the picture! There is every chance there is a great story that goes along with that favorite accessory of hers. Oddly interesting, each story in its own way, sentimental and powerful. She will have a story somewhat like mine…an anniversary present, a treasure from a Mom (or grandmother) long gone, a gift from someone important to you. You will learn a lot about your friend….probably a fond story that you will remember for a very long time!

They say….To Exercise is great!

But, I say….to accessorize is even better!

BBD Style

Try wearing one of the special pieces that you have been saving…and see if it doesn’t become your Power Piece! If it doesn’t…try another one until you find the thing that gives you your inner boost!

Sometimes your favorite accessory might be your lipstick or nail color! Try something NEW! This season that will be some shade of Bordeaux. Try it!

And, for some people the new favorite might be a new SHOE!! Walk on the wild side….try an animal print! Especially with a monochromatic look! How beautiful, and simple is THAT!?

Make it a point to try something new a ring/necklace/bracelet, it might be a new color, might be a new shoe … but try it! I bet you will be glad you did!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake


W Fall 2015Compliments are empowering! And they are best when you give them away!

Think about it! Whether you are receiving them…or giving them….they make you feel good! Try it! If you are giving them, hand them out generously! You will be so glad that you did! When you notice a positive change, comment on it…compliment her! Even if it is something small….a new lipstick shade, a new nail color. The more you pass them out ….. the better you feel, and the better the people around you feel.

It’s the beginning of a new season….Here Comes Fall 2015! This is a great time to be adventurous! Animal print accessories….ruby red nails and lip color? Try it! You might like it! A new hairdo? A new purse!?

Brighten Your Day with your favorite lipstick

You have summer looks you haven’t even worn yet? Now is the time! Quick! Soon it will be too tempting to move into animal print and ruby red, for pete’s sake! So wear those fabulous summer looks while you can! But, you should be shopping for your favorite Fall looks while they are fresh and new looking on the racks in the stores!

Soon I will be embracing animal print and ruby red!! So for now….I’m wearing my favorite summer looks…just one more time!

And Remember….Wear it in good health…and wear it often!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake

Good Girl!

I Have a Feeling! Do you know that feeling?

That feeling of … I think I can! I think I can! I think I can??? And then, when it is almost too much…

OMG … I Can … I did it!!!

BBD Style
They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Here it is! A visual, up close and personal of a woman that has been through the fight of her life. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor…and today….she is victorious!!! Here she is crossing the finish line of a triathlon that would cripple most of us! These women, and there are WAAAAY too many of them, that have fought this battle are brave … and strong … and smart. They work closely with their own physicians and teams of caregivers and their families and their friends. They have to in order to be victorious in their fight. But, when they succeed this is the feeling that all of their friends and families have, right along with them!Cancer Sucks

And, here is another one!

BBD Style

Hip hip hooray! To all my friends and family on all their accomplishments … big and small!

You Go Girls! Good Going!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake





A Power Suit!

Do you have a favorite outfit?

That’s YOUR power suit! If you don’t have one, we have to find you one!

I have a NEW suit, that I just got! And IT is my power suit! I love it! I have worn it twice now, and both times I received compliments all day long! That is always a good thing! But, remember, it is new and I have ONLY worn it twice. And already it is my go to look… and I can’t wait to wear it again. Doncaster Fall 2015 / Womens Fawn Suit

So, what is it that makes your favorite outfit a power suit? I think there are a few pieces to that answer. The most important thing is the feeling that you have when you wear it! Do you feel pulled together and confident? Think of it this way, if you want people to believe you to be credible, you really want to LOOK credible! We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So the very first impression has to be a good one to get GREAT results! One of the things that will make you LOVE your look is when you do wear it, do you receive compliments?? Just random compliments. You want your look….that everyday look that only you own, to be your own personal branding. You want people, friends and clients, to believe what you tell them is true. And to do that well, you need to look like a woman that knows what she is talking about!

Your look doesn’t have to be fussy. Quite the opposite, in fact! Your look needs to be consistent. Look nice….not FABULOUS!! It’s hard to be consistently fabulous! But it isn’t too hard to be consistently well dressed. In the 21st century we are BUSY…and we have LONG days. We must have clothes that take us to the places we go…all day long…and we must look as good at 6pm as we did at 6am!

Clean hair, a great hair cut….well manicured nails…and for Pete’s Sake a great new lip color!

Repeat after me … Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up!

And today will be a good day!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake

Presidents Circle Doncaster

Underwear … under there!

Here it is Labor Day weekend already! Where has the summer gone??

Early Spring Garden

Fabulous Flowers

Beautiful Day

Usually we are heading away up to the lake for the weekend, but this year we are staying home! Yeah! I am going to take the time to change over my closet and get ready for Fall 2015…in earnest! Right after I sit back and smell the roses! It’s hard for me! But I really want to enjoy what I have, including a wonderful garden that we inherited with our house. It’s the perfect opportunity for that!

BBD Style

I have the clothes, mostly anyway. After all, my motto is buy early & wear it often … & wear it in good health! I try really hard to take my own advice! When we make the time and opportunity to wear our clothes HARD when it comes time to buy new things, we are ready to make some changes. That’s a good thing! That’s what keeps us on the edge & current. It is so easy to get into the habit of wearing the same old, same old …  all the time. Make it a point to wear ALL the clothes you have in your closet, not just a few of them, all the time. You will find that you will put together interesting looks that actually look great together, maybe not what you expected early in the season, when you bought them. But you will get much more wear out of ALL your clothes.

So, speaking of much more wear … when was the last time you refreshed your lingerie?

I know, I know! But take my advice … a great time to change up your underwear drawer is when a new season begins … in earnest! Your new underwear, even if it is the same brand as last year, or for many years will do wonders for your new look! The fabrics feel better next to your skin. They fit better. They make your new Fall clothes fit better and therefore look better! All in all, everything is better when you spring for new underwear! Why not take the opportunity to try something new? Maybe a new brand? Maybe a new fashion color for the season? Be adventurous! It’s a good thing!

Wear it in good health … & wear it often!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake srcset=

Look Great!

I can’t promise I can make you look thin! But, I can promise I can make you look great!!!!

People tell me that all the time! Alright, alright….I’ll come see you….but can you promise to make me look thin!!?? No, of course not! But….I can promise to introduce you to looks that make you look stylish, modern….and generally, GREAT! I want to introduce you to some new looks, that you can embrace…and in no time at all they will be your go-to POWER LOOKS! How do I know that? I hear it all the time! It isn’t about how old you are….or aren’t! It isn’t about what size you wear. When you look stylish, you will rock your world! And, that is the best feeling there is!

Doncaster Fall 2015 / Carmine is the NEW Black

It’s really important that we don’t get stuck wearing the same old, same old all the time. That is the thing that makes us look old and tired. When we wear new looks, we have to push ourselves a little bit. We have to stretch ourselves to try a little bit harder, to look a little bit better….to embrace something a little bit edgier!  You want to look like YOU, but better! Stay within your comfort zone, but try something that is NEW….TO YOU! Stay tuned to for tips on what’s new and edgy and current! You will be so glad that you did!

For Fall you MUST have some Ruby Red in your closet! Whether it is a whole look, or whether it is a single garment that will punch up the closet for Fall 2015. Swipe your lips with a rich ruby red color….that is the thing that will make everything look new! And that is always a good thing!

Another must have this season is a CAPE! Any color will do, but it is the must have accessory for Fall 2015. Keep your eyes open…you will notice them everywhere! Try it! You might like it! Look at these ladies….look at how great they look. Now picture this….what if they were wearing a cardigan!?! A cardigan that is hip length!!?! We all have at least one in our closet!! Yikes!

Doncaster Fall 2015 / City Street Cape / Capes for Fall 2015
W grey cape

A cape is a great way to take those favorite leggings (at least some trim leg pants) all over town, all day long!

Make it a point….Try something new….And then, remember…

Wear it in Good Health, … And Wear it Often!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake








Presidents Circle Doncaster

Doncaster Behind the Scenes

Check out this wonderful Behind the Scenes video of the Winter 2015 photoshoot!

AND, ooohh … somebody else recently had a photoshoot too ~ stay tuned to find out who! 😉

Behind The Scenes: Winter 2015 from Doncaster on Vimeo.

Have fun getting acquainted with these new looks!

Barbara Drake

FullSizeRender 24

Doncaster Diary of Style

August Edition of Diary of Style

I saw a statistic the other day that I found so alarming! They say that 60% of adult American women are unhappy/disatisfied with their bodies! I hope that you find that alarming too!

Ladies, we are the leaders and mentors for the future generation of girls!! We have to do better than this….even if it’s just for them! They look up to us! They look to us for how we solve our problems, how we manage our business, how we work and how we play. They especially look to us for how we will age….as we move into our senior years.

I suggest we show them that we might not do everything we used to do, but we do what we can do well! How can we do that? We will…

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up.
And we will Never Give Up!

We will make it a point to dress well…and accentuate the positive! Reluctant? Come see me. I’ll show you how!

The Doncaster Collection for Fall/Winter 2015
September 23 – 25

Can’t wait to see YOU!

~ Barbara Drake

Check out (Something New!)

Are You Stuck?

Do you have a job that isn’t so motivating any more?

Maybe you are caught up in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going any where?

But, you don’t really know how to change things! It’s just too much effort! After all it’s not all that bad! Maybe you have too much angst about all the things that might be affected by your changing things up a bit…even just a bit. Notice below…the looks are the same….white vs. carmine red….but look what an impact the NEW carmine color, including lips and nails makes in the over all look. It’s amazing really! Isn’t it? And the abstract animal print shoe….VOILA! another look altogether! Have fun with your closet! Try some new things!

As we transition into Fall 2015 this is the perfect time to find some of the things in your closet that you haven’t worn enough. Make it a point to use those things that you love….or not!….in a little different way than you have these last few months. Try it! You just might like it!
BBD Style

BBD style

I have a suggestion. Just change something! Just one thing. Try not to obsess about all the effects that might happen as a result of your changes. Maybe you could just think about changing your lipstick!?


We are coming up on Fall 2015….try a new look, something new to add to your closet? But, remember….you HAVE to wear it!  🙂 Just by trying something new…like this….it will give you the strength to try something else! And, then, something! Get the picture?


Sometimes it’s just too traumatic to consider a big life change! A job change, or boyfriend trouble ….. it’s just too overwhelming to seriously consider. So, think of it this way. By changing something, there is every chance there will be other changes as a result.

And keep on saying it to yourself … Nothing Changes … if Nothing Changes!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

A Follow Up…Your Front Door!!

Remember when I talked about Your Front Door?

I got so excited about the idea of how we greet our friends as they pull up to our home, before they even think of entering the house….that I started taking photos of some more front doors!! Some Front Yard Gardens, in a few cases, as it turns out, NEW gardens!


They were lovely!!

So I took a picture of Barb’s front yard. It was so pretty! And I sent it to her right away because it was just lovely and I couldn’t wait to share it with her. The first thing she said to me was, Thank You! You know I spend so much time worrying about what I didn’t do/haven’t done/need to do in the garden, that I have not really stopped to appreciate how great it actually looks! It’s so nice to see what my friends see when they approach our house!

Exactly my point!!

Why are we so hard on ourselves!? Of course we all do it! But let’s make a point to stop….just for a minute to smell the roses ….for real!!

Enjoy some of friends yards!


~ Barbara