Coming Up for Air!

Finally….I’m coming up for air! SHOWTIME! was wildly successful! Thank you to everyone for making the time to come and see me and what’s new! Today is one of the very few days we have had that it is really beginning to feel like Fall/Winter 2017 is upon us!

I was so surprised when one of my clients appeared….someone I had not seen in a long time! It seems she has a new job….which is great news! It’s all good! The surprise was that she really got me going….she was confident that she would be able to convince me that it is ok that she “dress down” for her new position, because everyone else does!

Can you believe that!?!

Of course, I think you all know that my response was….No, It Isn’t!

We all should have a closet that is filled with clothes that we can wear now, and that we Want to Wear Now, to all the places we go. Our clothes need to be clean and stylish, and fit properly, and take us to the places we go to. It is NOT good enough to have a bunch of clothes that are old, are uncomfortable and make us feel old & stodgy. Maybe that is because of the fit, maybe it is because of the fabrication of the garment. Inexpensive clothes, purchased several years ago, (or more) will not serve you well. You need to have looks that are comfortable….great fabrics that take you to the grocery store, to the office, to the luncheon event, the teachers conference…..clothes that you can stay in to fix dinner & help with homework….have a drink with your husband….and eat dinner with your family! We are women that have a lot to do and a lot of places to go to each, and every day. We need Great Clothes that will take us to all those places…every day! We do Not need to wear clothes that don’t make us feel good! Life is way too short for that!

What we do not need, is tired old clothes that itch, make us get hot and sweaty, cranky and irritable! Clothes that no matter where we are going they are Not even comfortable enough to wear…all day long! And whatever you do….

Don’t Dress Down!

Please, people….do your self a favor….Dress Like You Mean It!! You will notice that people will pay more attention to you….and to what you say!

Dress Well. Wear Doncaster! You will be glad you did! For Pete’s Sake…don’t Dress Down!




We are together again….for SHOWTIME!

Doncaster Fall/Winter 2017

Woman’s Club of Wisconsin,

813 E. Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee. Complimentary Valet Parking!

Wednesday  – Saturday, 9/26 – 9/30

This week! We are up and ready for YOU!

Come see us….and what’s new!

And, remember….Dress Like You Are Going Somewhere Better Later!











OK…It’s Time….

Doncaster Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Time to leave pajama pants at home, And the flip flops at the beach.

It’s Time to stop wearing sneakers to work and sweatpants to the airport.

It’s Time to give up Lazy Dressing altogether.

Because It’s Time to Look Fabulous Again!

Let’s show each other a little more respect.

Let’s put Saturday Night effort Into Sunday afternoon.

Let’s remember, You get what you Dress For.

So, Let’s Get Dressed!


Are you worried about what you will wear when you decide to Get Dressed!?! Come see me at SHOWTIME!

I’m sure we can find you a Great New Look! So, come see me!

Doncaster Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

@Woman’s Club of Wisconsin, 813 E. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee 414-276-5170

@Home, 9/21-23   By Appointment!









I decided this morning….

… after reading my recent post…..that I am going to concentrate on being grateful for all the things I Can Do….and stop beating myself up for the things I can’t do!!


And what we can all do is to Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up …and make some History! And fingers crossed, it will be all good!

So, are you with me…?!  🙂


~ Barbara

Doncaster Spring / Summer 2017 Lookbook

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Make it a Habit!

To say Yes! You hear me say that all the time!

Doncaster Summer 2017
I had lunch yesterday with some great friends of mine. We all got dressed up, just because we were seeing each other! It was such fun! The conversation was about everything under the sun…Spring Fashion, Make Up we like, what we are doing & where we are going….it was so interesting! One of the ladies commented that she got herself into a difficult situation recently when she said Yes to something “that wasn’t as easy easy as it sounds”! Her story reminded me of a trip Harry and I took recently. We found ourselves in a few situations that were really challenging! It was very scary…and I’m happy to report it all turned out OK!

BBD StyleDoncaster Spring

I found myself telling the story of how my very traumatic foot surgery (many years ago now) had a major impact on what kinds of things I Can Do, and what I really Can’t Do…like play figure skate & play tennis. When I had my operation I gave up tennis & ice skating, which meant that I had more time available to try other things (like become a Doncaster Stylist!).  I have to remind myself to say Yes to things that I Can Do…and sometimes that means a little bit of experimenting about what the things I Can Do might be. As we age, gracefully I hope, that seems to be happening more and more. The list of things I Can Do is shrinking while the list of things I Used To Do seems to be growing!

I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was! Toby Keith

So one of the things I Can Do … is Get Dressed! (Phew!) Maybe that is one reason why I like to try different looks…to be adventurous (sort of, anyway) with what I wear…to try new things. And I guess it is also why I encourage You to try new things too! I do have more confidence to try something new to me when I am Dressed Up. When I get Dressed Up, I feel like I am preparing for my day. I make the bed, get myself together, think about what I’m doing, where I’m going….and therefore what I will wear to do all that in. It sounds like it should be pretty simple…but sometimes it just isn’t as easy as it sounds. I think most of you understand that….because I know you know what I’m talking about!

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up…and the rest will be history in the making.

This is so profound, because for a lot of people that just isn’t as easy as it sounds. All of us can identify with that on at least some days.

So, as we move forward, let’s try to get in the habit of saying “Yes, Thank you, I would love to join you”. While at the same time we will be thoughtful about what kinds of things we agree to. We won’t be a scaredy cat….but we will be thoughtful. And we will get a lot of pleasure out of the fact that we have done a lot of living….and we will cherish all those adventures & memories….while we are pursuing New things, and meeting New people along the way in ways that we Can!
Remember….We Are the Lucky Ones!

Please comment & share your thoughts about how to say yes!!

~ Barbara

Doncaster Spring / Summer 2017 Lookbook

BBD Style




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