I’m a lucky girl!

Do you, or did you, have a mentor? Someone who touched your life …. sometimes when you weren’t even looking?! Or maybe you are a mentor, and you don’t even know it!? Think about that for a minute.

Not too long ago Harry and I were talking about my early days with Doncaster. I guess it was around 9/11. It’s such an emotional time….for most off us I think. But for me it was early in October of 2001 that I bumped into the Doncaster opportunity. A lot of you already know this story, but some don’t! I was invited to a luncheon downtown, at the best hotel, by people I didn’t know, some inform out of town, to hear about something I had never heard of, and for some reason I said YES! There was something about the people and the opportunity and the way they presented the opportunity that intrigued me. I wanted to know more.

What I didn’t understand at the time, was how important those women….and a couple of men….would be in my life from that day forward. They inspired me along the way, over the years…..to do one more thing and make a difference. And you know what?? I did! I loved my job! As it turned out, I was really good at it! And I learned so much….from these people that I just, almost literally, bumped into. What if I had not said YES to that luncheon event??

Jackie, JoAnn, Susan and Dave,….and Al, too. They taught by example. At that time everything about the business was new to me. I knew NOTHING! They taught me things like…..

Clean out your closet and Dress Well. You don’t need a lot if what you do have fits and takes you to the places you want to go to.

Be that woman you WANT to be. Let your wardrobe help you and give you the confidence to be the Best You Can Be.

Be Smart. Meet new people and tell them what you do….there is every chance that they will want to know more.

Be smart again…things cost what they cost. Accept it, pay for it and move on. Don’t waste a lot of energy fussing about the price. If it isn’t valuable enough for you to pay for it, then it probably isn’t valuable enough….so you probably don’t need it.

Once more, Be Smart. Save your energy to do the things that you love, the things that you do best, and find other people to help you out by doing the things that you need help with. We can’t do everything, even if we want to, so find people you can rely on to help you out….and use their expertise….to show you the way!

And….nobody is perfect! What we all want is to accentuate the positive. Find ways for those people around you, and close to you, to accentuate the attributes that they do have. Their issues might not be the same as yours….but you can rest assured that they do have issues they want to camouflage. How do I know that?? Because I know, my mentors taught me, that everyone has something!

So, life goes on….life patterns change…..opportunities arise…..and, life goes on. It has been a long time since we all have seen each other…..but it doesn’t mean that we don’t think of one another and love the good old days when we all worked together….doing different things, showing each other the way…..to great success. The funny thing is, I bet those good old friends/mentors of mine were not even aware of the impression they made on my life. How my life has been altered in all kinds of ways because I call them friends. So ask yourself….who is my mentor/mentors?


The more interesting question is: who am I mentoring today, that I might not even know it? Hmmm…I wonder?!

Why now?? Why am I pondering these life choices now, so many years later?? Well, one of my good old friends passed away last week. And although I haven’t seen her in A Very Long Time, I’m going to miss her. I never got the chance to say Thank You…..for showing me the way.

Holiday Champagne

Let us “raise a glass” to those giants that walked before us….those men and women that showed us the way. Let’s vow to be the best we can be for the young people coming up behind us. Next time you think….Who cares what I think? Who cares what I’m wearing? I’m not going anywhere important so “Who Cares”? Think about who might be watching you….that you don’t even know about.

Make it a great day!


Ready or Not…It’s time to go Shopping!

It’s time to start thinking about putting away the pink, orange, yellow and spring green favorites that we have been wearing all Spring and Summer! It’s not that the weather has turned, it will still be warm (maybe even HOT) for a while.

BBD Style
Photo from Talbots.com

For the last twenty (or so!) years I have been beginning to wear my new Fall clothes in July….because I was selling Fall!! When I actually wear my clothes it reminds me of why I love it so much…and why I needed to sell it to YOU…so you can appreciate the features and benefits too! 🙂

BBD Style, Barbara Drake

So, here we are, mid-August, and even I am still wearing pink and green!! So, I am going to promise that by next week, I will modify what’s in my closet so that I will be slowly but surely nudged into wearing denim, navy, novelty prints and changing up the look that I will choose for now.

BBD Style, leopard print blouse
Photo from Talbots.com

There are a few trends you will want to be aware of. Most important is our old friend…Abstract Animal Print! It’s back in a major way!! If you prefer to dabble in AAP think about adding some to your new Fall looks with a purse, a pair of updated shoes, a knit top maybe? Think of it for now anyway as a touch of Fall…..an easier transition sort of thing!

BBD Style

Green, in almost any shade except Kelly Green is also among the must haves for Fall 2019. Right now I am liking a Rich, Dark, Forest Green. And if you just can’t embrace any more AAP think about Army Green….maybe some Camouflage added in for a kick? My favorite for this year is a Dark, Rich, Royal Purple. I am finding that by adding a little bit of these new trends to my old favorites I am putting together lots of great outfits from the clothes that I already have that look NEW to me!

So, take a minute to take stack of what you already have, think about adding a few new things to your “Favorites Pile”…..and what those new things might be…..and Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up!! And make it a Great Day!


BBD Style

It’s January 2019!

Beginning a new year!!

It has taken me a little while to get my arms around that! I am struck by the fact that we are living in the FUTURE!! Or almost anyway!! I think that 2020 is definitely the future….and it is practically here! Yikes!

Out and about in Curetê…
the Inaugural Collection!

So, I’m a little tardy with my New Years ideas. I heard a really good tip just the other day. My good friend Meg Daly ( https://mojomeg.com ) was talking about how to move forward into the New Year and rise to the occasion of setting up 2019 as a good year….maybe the best one yet!?! She suggested that we think about 2018, and the things we did, and the places that we went to, and make note of them so that we can make sure to continue to be involved in those things that bring us happiness and joy during 2019. Maybe your connection is with the cause itself, maybe it is with the people you know there, but let’s try hard to continue doing those things that, for whatever reason, make us feel good. When we feel good life is much better!

I want to add to that suggestion….that while you are doing that exercise of reviewing your 2018 calendar, think about what you WORE to those places for those variety of events. Think about this…sometimes the things we do, and really enjoy doing, are often about the experience that we share with others and about how the experience makes us feel. And what is more fun than getting up and putting on clothes that we like…just because they put a bounce in your step!?!

Get Up. Dress Up. and Show Up….And the Rest Will be History!

After all, when we get up and get dressed, in our favorites….there is a very good chance that it will be a very good day! You don’t have to be dressed up exactly, just dressed in your favorite looks….for whatever it is you are doing today. Try hard to make it a habit! I think that might be my best tip yet!?

So, here’s to 2019! Here’s hoping that it will be the best one yet….for all of us!! 🙂


Are you ready????

Holiday Champagne

For the Holidays…? What are you going to wear, where…?!  

The suggestions for Holiday 2018 are different than you might expect. I haven’t been seeing any Red & Green…..but instead Sparkle and Shine…and Black! They say Black is the New Holiday!! I turned up my nose at that awhile ago. But now that it is getting to be the time to actually Wear it….I’m liking it! Try to make sure, at least for the Holidays, that your Black is New…to ensure that it is shiny and really Black….and not faded.  


Then use some of your favorite accessories…..to add the Sparkle and Shine. Dazzling earrings, crystal necklace? Rhinestones, pearls….bedazzle as much as you can. Remember you have to be comfortable in your look! That is the key ingredient! That is what will make YOU Shine….from the Inside Out! Try something New! I think you will like it!

I had the TV on the other day when I was doing chores around the house. I was surprised to see the Today Show had a Makeover day…I didn’t know they did that!? Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning it is because the Makeovers were so Powerful!! It was amazing! They pulled 2 women out of the audience for a Makeover right there and then. The women they picked were nice looking….maybe kind of drab….but I thought they looked pretty much like most every woman I see out there in the real world on any given day. The Show, took them and their friends inside to observe the End Result on air. The thing that was so surprising was that in just the hour of the Show the ladies looked So Different! They had their hair done, I think added a little color…..and got a new outfit. It was that simple….. and They were Glowing….from the Inside Out….and their friends and family were also!

I hope these 2 ladies will continue their new looks when they go home. They just Have To!! It was obvious, even to the TV audience, that this was the boost each needed for the Holidays 2018! And it seemed it was easy enough to do.

One more thing….don’t forget a new lipstick?!? Red, preferably!! It will put a bounce in your step!! And give you the boost YOU need to live thru a very busy….rich and full, Holiday 2018!

Make it a point to get dressed up in your favorite thing and enjoy the company of your friends and family!!! 🎄

Merry Christmas!


BBD Style


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Changing Times . . . .


It’s Fall! Actually, it is getting cold like Winter (brrrrr)….and I am still sorting thru my closet! That tells you how behind I am this year!

Do you find yourself standing in your closet….hopelessly staring at the black pants…..trying your best to decide what you are going to wear today!?! I bet you do….because that’s just what has been happening to me! I have to say, I think that GREAT black pants are a staple of a well curated closet!! If they are not GREAT, then you don’t need them. Our lives are too important for us to settle for old, tired, stretched out black bottoms/jeans! We deserve better than that! We can’t be the best we can be…if we won’t be good to ourselves….which includes creating a closet that works for us! It is so important!   


So I have some suggestions. Start by going thru your closet and pulling out the things you loved wearing in the summer, even the early Fall. If you can’t, actually, part with them, find another closet somewhere that you don’t have to look at them everyday. That way next year when you are looking for some more colorful clothes you will begin by shopping in your closet! We all like that! Remove the short sleeve and sleeveless blouse/tops also. It’s likely that you won’t go to those now that it is getting colder outside….even if you think you might….take them out of your closet and put them with your other things for Spring.

Slowly you will notice that you can actually see what is left…..so that you can make a better decision about what you really want to keep and, actually, Wear! When you can actually take a good look at what is left in there, you will get a much better idea of what you want to add to your closet for this current season. For example, I need some cardigan sweaters with out a lot of wool in them. I’ve been noticing (and hearing from You) that a higher wool content make me itch like crazy! I hate that! So I’m getting much more conscious of fabric content than I was when I was younger!   

Now for the denim and/or black pants. Pull out 3 pairs of black pants that you can’t remember when you wore them last, hang them right up in front of you, so you can’t avoid looking at them. Make it a point to try them on and actually Wear Them! Take note during the day….How do they feel? How do they Fit? Are they the length you like? Are they “sans stains”? If they are, and you felt good in them all day long, Yeah!, then when you take them off, put them directly into the bag to go to the cleaners, so you can get them back and Wear Them! I predict that by the time you have finished your morning coffee, you will think “Yeah! I Love these pants! I’m so glad that I found them!” Or, you will decide right away that they aren’t good enough….they are too short, or long….the fabric is old and uncomfortable, the legs are too baggy, or too skinny!! Styles change, and we become so used to a certain look sometimes we forget that! Getting dressed in the morning should be FUN! Not a nightmare!

      The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this……

When sleeping women wake they move mountains.

My guess is that when you get up, and embrace your day wearing pants/clothes you love….you will move the mountains that might stand in your way!

Be good to yourself, and try something new. I think you will be glad you did!




Comments always welcome!

Please comment & share your thoughts!