The husbands…..

are my Best Advocates! Isn’t that terrific?




This is how it usually goes. The lady comes to look at the Doncaster Collection. She tries on this, and then that….looks at her self in the mirror….can’t get over how Great she looks….and says….Oh! My Husband Will Kill Me!? For Pete’s Sake….no he won’t!



Think of it this way. Your husband likes it when you look Great! I know that, because your husband tells me so! He tells me….when she wears Doncaster she looks great, feels good about her self….and radiates self confidence! I just Love it! When she spends the day at SHOWTIME! with you she comes home looking and feeling wonderful! I love it when she comes to you! Isn’t that nice?! Then he will go on to tell me….do you know know what I Hate? I hate it when I get home and see bags of clothes, usually with SALE tags, still in the bag, tossed into the back of the closet….never to be seen again! That is what I hate! And, that is when I say…..Me Too!fw2016-wsmall









When I first started with Doncaster I met a woman that lived in Michigan. She was a lovely woman, married to a wildly successful man. They had a few kids in Middle School and High school. As I got to know her better, I learned that her husband did a lot of business entertaining. He was very social. I thought that sounded like so much fun! Well, she said, I rarely go out with him…generally I stay with the kids, have pizza, work on the homework, keep things under control at home so he doesn’t have to worry about us. Do you know why she didn’t go with him….for real? Because she had nothing to wear!! Isn’t that a shame!? She had a difficult time shopping before Doncaster Womens came along. I know that to be true because there are Lots of women like that! It didn’t take long for us to find her some Fabulous looks! She began to wear a little lipstick, get a new haircut, and one day she said she would like to go out with Don and the clients….and Don was thrilled to pieces!KatiaJan2012_1



He wrote me a letter just after that to thank me for introducing his wife to Doncaster Womens. He said she is looking wonderful! And then he said….You know, I love my wife. I don’t care what size she wears! All I ever wanted was for her to come out with me….and my clients, sometimes. I want, and always wanted, for her to share her life with me….and vice versa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart …. because now we seem to be doing just that.10537057_591065384335270_1690727194781741237_n




The moral of the story? We have to find clothes that fit us and make it easy to….Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up….so that we don’t Give Up! Life is too short to beat ourselves up about what size we wear….or don’t wear! Or how old we are….or aren’t!






If you are having trouble finding looks that You like…

Whatever size you wear…Come See Me!

I think you will be glad you did!



Please comment & share your thoughts about style & fashion!!

~ Barbara

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Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up….


…and the rest will be history!

I love this one! And I use it a lot! For a lot of people on any given day, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Sometimes it takes all the gumption I can muster to just get up…..and get two feet planted on the floor! But, once I do that, it is a little bit easier to get to the shower and somehow get my act together. And then, once I do that, I can figure out where I’m going, and therefore what I’m going to wear! And somehow I can carry on!

The Best things are free

I think the most important part of that is the last part……and the rest will be history! When I first started my business I was introduced to a book called the Power of Style. There were a few icons presented….women…..mostly of the 20th Century and they were cited for a variety of reasons and talents. But what stood out to me was that they became very famous women, quoted for years after there own time….but I thought they were women who did what they loved. It was really that simple. Coco Chanel, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn to name just a few. I don’t think they got up in the morning and thought about how history would remember them! They were women who did what they loved or what they had a knack for….and prepared themselves for their day, by putting their pants on one leg at a time….just like everybody else.


I think these women were remembered for their aura….their confidence, their talents, their uniqueness. In a way, we all have a lot of those same qualities. Each of these women had their own unique sense of style that served them well over the course of time. I bet each one of them had days that it was really hard to get out of bed. They didn’t have an easy life….any of them. Maybe it was the way they handled the punches that life handed them that distinguished these Women and the Power of Style. Think of the influence they evoked over the people around them because of their savvy ways and sense of style. People listened to them and respected their opinions….on a variety of topics. Why? Because of the Power of Style. If you want people to listen to you, look like (dress like) a woman who knows what she is talking about. There is every chance that your audience, big or small, will believe you.


Did you ever wonder….what story will history tell about you? No, of course not! None of us do. So, just in case….let’s agree to Get Up. Dress Up. and Show Up….just because the rest will be history in the making! Let’s decide to make a positive impact….why? Because we can!

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Please be sure to Comment and Share your thoughts about style and fashion!! Who do you know that just might be crazy enough to change the world?

~ Barbara

BBD Fall 2014

Doncaster Diary of Style

June Diary of Style

They Say…

Women Have Strengths that Amaze Men.

They carry children, they carry hardships, they carry burdens
But they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they really want to cry. They cry when they are happy,
and they laugh when they are nervous!

Women come in all sizes, in all colors and shapes. They live in homes, apartments and cabins. They drive, fly, walk, run, email and Facebook you to show how much they care about you. The heart of a woman is what makes the world turn!

Let’s make a pact….to be the best woman we can be. We will take some time to spend with the family. Make it a point to reach out to your friends. Get out your new clothes….and WEAR them!! And last but not least…Enjoy Summer Vacation!

While you are doing all that….I’m getting ready for Fall 2016! It’s AMAZING!

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~ Barbara

Green polka Dot Sweater Doncaster Collection

I’m a Lucky Lady!



For the longest time I have wanted to gather together a group of FABULOUS women that I have known over my lifetime….most of whom live in the Chicago area…not all, but most.

For one reason or another it just hasn’t worked out. Where to have it, when to have it something needed to prompt me to make it happen! Recently I had a Best of Spring/Doncaster event in the Chicago area. I have had a few events with this same lady, always lots of fun and profitable enough! Which means that we are able to work together fairly easily. This time however, we had a busy event…lots of people, very hectic…..and Vicki didn’t feel well. Not terrible, just not great! You can imagine how upset I was to find out the next day that she had a heart attack during our event!! And got to the ER just in the nick of time!


And all of a sudden, just like that, I got my act together and made it happen! I got my group together and had a party! I found a few people that just HAD to be there….I found a great place, the Woman’s Athletic Club of Chicago, a place where most of us gathered together at least a few times over the years. Although, we have lived in Milwaukee for almost 25 years now I have a relationship with the Executive Chef (a very, long story!) so I was confident that the food would be lovely and delicious! We could have a private dining room available to us so that we could all talk at once, everyone would feel welcome, and we could spend the afternoon reminiscing! And we did! I was so excited about this party! I couldn’t wait to see my old friends, my new friends… long lost friends…..reminisce about the wonderful women we had lost over the years….it was a wonderful day! Just THE BEST!

But, at the end of the day I realized it wasn’t about the food, or the venue, or the flowers. It was All About the WOMEN! We are the most amazing women! For the most part, we are Baby Boomers! We are the women that changed the footprint of how the women that came after us would live/lead their lives. My friend Belinda commented that when she went to Kenyon College she was one of TWO women in the Freshman Class! Then yesterday I heard that my friend Jane had just taken her daughter to the Freshman Class orientation….and learned that 2/3 of the class is women!


Since the party I have heard from a few people that commented how GREAT everyone looked! And they were right! As a group we looked terrific! Confident, smart, well groomed and well dressed. And that’s when I knew it! We are amazing! It’s True! We are aging, but we aren’t getting older, we are getting better! I am sure of it! The next time you are getting ready to walk out the door, take a look in the mirror. Put on some lipstick, and remind yourself that YOU ARE AMAZING! And then, believe it! Because it’s true! If you have a group of old (and/or new!) friends that you have wanted to see…make a point to pick up the phone, reach out by email….or “friend” on Facebook….and get your gang together. Summer vacation is a great time to do that! And I promise you …. you will be glad you did!
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Please be sure to Comment and Share your thoughts about style and fashion!!

~ Barbara

It’s Easier to Keep Going, Than to Get Going!

This is Doncaster Today Spring 2016

This is especially important to remember when life becomes busy, stressful…and difficult! Do you feel like you are never going to get it all done?? Why did I say yes!? How can I do it all!? There are not enough hours in the day! Everything will be easier for you if you fill your closet with clothes that take you to the places that YOU go to.IMG_0961

Take a deep breath and ask yourself…Do you know how you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

When I am in the midst of a busy time like this it is so easy for me to get discombobulated and overwhelmed. I have to stay focused, and pay attention to the details. And Get up…and Dress up…and be Ready for Business!


So, you say, how do I do that?! It’s sounds so easy doesn’t it!? It is simple…I pick out my favorite Doncaster look! When I choose my clothes for the season I pick looks that I think will take me to the places that I go….and to do the things I regularly do…. generally they are perfect for the variety of things I’m doing…because I do a variety of things most days! I bet you do too?! I do not have time to go home and change thru out the day….so the same look has to take me everywhere! It needs to be stylish and versatile. Wherever you buy your clothes they must by up to the challenge of taking you to the places that YOU go to on any given day. If they aren’t, then they aren’t good enough!


Then I find my favorite lipstick…apply generously!…and I am on my way!


Even if what I’m doing today is tackling the pile of Things I Will Do Today! Maybe I will be at my desk in the morning….and with some clients delivering clothes later in the day….or going out to dinner with my husband and friends. I need to have a wardrobe of looks to go everywhere….on any given day! It makes my life so much easier when I do!

As you are getting ready for Summer 2016. Be sure to edit your closet for the season. Add essentials that will fill in the holes…and make sure that they will take you to the places you go!! All the places you go!!

If you are having trouble….Call Me!


~ Barbara

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It’s a New Year!

Why not make it a new you!!??

Have you had too much holiday fun? Are you tired? Fed up? Overwhelmed?

I have a suggestion!

This is Doncaster Today Spring 2016

Get Dressed Up! It will put a bounce in your step…all day long! It’s a great way to start 2016! Think about it!

I bet you will be glad you did!


DrakeFAVE-1 copy

Happy New Year 2016!

I have heard it said several times over the last month … 2016 is going to be a Great Year! Yeah!  

Crimson Star Dress with Vest

How do we know that? Because we are going to make it so! Remember, We Dictate Our Own Lives!

I am going to promise to share little tips throughout the month of January 2016 ….maybe even through all of 2016….of how we can do that. If you know anything about me, it will Not involve beating ourselves up about this or that flaw that we “own”. It will be more about how we can remind ourselves that we are the Lucky Ones! We are going to concentrate instead on accentuating the positive! Finding those things about ourselves that make us the person we are. We will practice concentrating on the good things! That is the way we are going to see to it that 2016 is a good year…for all of us! One day, and one person, and one experience at a time.

We need to reshape our perception of ourselves. We Have to step up as women and take the lead! Beyonce

Beyonce is right! We just have to do it! We have to embrace the bodies that we have…and make the best of them! Once we do that we can concentrate on Being the Best Woman I Can Be. I think that will be my motto for 2016!

Everybody is beautiful!


Please feel free in the coming year to share your ideas, and tips that you use with all of us. We all/each one of us wants to be the best woman she can be! We just need to talk about how to do that!

One way I know of is to …

Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up … and the rest will be history!

Shades of Spring2016






                                                           So, just one more time! Happy New Year! 2016 is going to be a great year ~ for all of us!

~ Barbara

BBD Style


You Can Have Your Cake – And Eat It Too!!!

Women's Club of Wisconsin

Hello Friends!
Here are a few pics from our recent holiday lunch at The Woman’s Club of Wisconsin. We love to celebrate at the Woman’s Club not only because it is so beautiful there, but also because they have a wonderful staff who takes such great care of us!

Cheers to a fabulous holiday season
filled with family and friends!!

Holiday Cake - The Cake Lady   Holiday Champagne Holiday flowers

Well, They Are Here!

The Holidays….that is! They are here!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are finishing up the leftovers as we speak, and it is time to think about the holiday season! It is time to start thinking about where you are going, what are you doing, and..last but not least….what are you going to wear!?

BBD Style BBD Style

This is the time of year to try something New! This year it is all about Red! A beautiful red dress?? Or blouse? Or scarf? And for pete’s sake don’t forget about the Red lips! If you don’t ordinarily go for Red lips, this is a good time to try it! The idea, this time of year, is to Sparkle and Shine, from the inside out! In order to do that we have to be comfortable & confident in the looks we choose. That is why I always advocate to “Wear it in Good Health…and Wear it Often!” When we wear things Often we begin to grow more confident with those New Looks because we are more comfortable wearing them.

BBD Style BBD Style A really good way to ease into the Holidays, and something New, is to pair a favorite old friend (your favorite black trousers, let’s say). Think about pairing those pants with a beautiful new Red Blouse!? Or a scarlet sweater maybe? Or, maybe you will decide to try a New Red Lipstick this year…make it a point to wear it with a favorite look you love the first time you give it a try. It will give you the courage to try something else! Or maybe you will decide to wear that statement necklace you bought but you haven’t worn often enough?! Try it! Wear it with your favorite outfit! It might feel Daring at first, but soon it will get easier to be brave enough to try something new!

BBD Style

I bet, as you become more accustomed to trying something new, it will get easier! It will spill over into other parts of your life as well. Suddenly, something that was too scary awhile ago, will seem like more of a possibility.
Maybe, just maybe, I could say Yes to that?

Think about it! ‘Til next time!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

Traveling …

We have been traveling a lot this Fall!

We are visiting friends and family. We are going to new places and interesting, exciting cities even NYC on 9/11!! It was really something!

I work with New Yorkers and we have family, that are New Yorkers. You know it always amazes me. Everyone, all over the world was, and continues to be, in awe of the New Yorkers! They survived the worst attack on American soil ever and yet they stay there and stay busy and continue to look out for each other and do things like running Into Burning Buildings to help others survive the trauma and come out alive. And they keep on keeping on! It’s amazing to me. And the skyscrapers and the bridges ~ how did they build those? In the 18th century!? And the traffic!! How is it that any business is conducted at all? With everyone sitting in the middle of the street absolutely standing still stopped!

BBD Style BBD Style BBD style

Then we went almost directly to Tucson with my Doncaster Presidents Circle Colleagues to the desert in August! I thought it was crazy!! But, you know what? I was wrong! It was a wonderful experience. The opposite of NYC, really, quiet & calm and introspective. My husband went zip lining!! It’s just like Sky Diving! OMG!!! While I enjoyed getting to know some other Doncaster ladies. It was so special! We even got a sneak peek at Spring 2016! It’s beautiful!

BBD Style BBD Style BBD Style

We finished that trip with a visit to Chicago to see some very close family friends that we don’t see enough of who were in town from California! Our good friend was in town as the Director of a new performance of The Rainmaker at the American Blues Theatre. It was wonderful! Just Wonderful! I was laughing, teary-eyed, and out right weeping by the end of the show. It was a special treat that The Rainmaker was nominated for a Jefferson Award!! How great is that!?


So how does all this relate to a Fashionista?? OMG!! Ladies, we have to try harder to be respectful, not only of others, but especially of ourselves … while we are out and about! Generally speaking, the general public is walking around out there looking Horrible! When we got home, I was telling my friends that there were men on the airplane dressed like they were going to go cut the grass! And their women, dressed like they were going to yoga class which of course we were not!! Please lets make a pledge to ourselves that we will at the least look in the mirror before we walk out the door in the morning wherever we are going! Let’s not dress for the gym, if we are going to work, going to the store, going to lunch with a friend, going to our children school going just about everywhere besides the gym!BBD Style

BBD Style

BBD Style

Dress like you mean it! Wear Doncaster! It’s that easy!

~ Barbara

BBD Style