W Fall 2015Compliments are empowering! And they are best when you give them away!

Think about it! Whether you are receiving them…or giving them….they make you feel good! Try it! If you are giving them, hand them out generously! You will be so glad that you did! When you notice a positive change, comment on it…compliment her! Even if it is something small….a new lipstick shade, a new nail color. The more you pass them out ….. the better you feel, and the better the people around you feel.

It’s the beginning of a new season….Here Comes Fall 2015! This is a great time to be adventurous! Animal print accessories….ruby red nails and lip color? Try it! You might like it! A new hairdo? A new purse!?

Brighten Your Day with your favorite lipstick

You have summer looks you haven’t even worn yet? Now is the time! Quick! Soon it will be too tempting to move into animal print and ruby red, for pete’s sake! So wear those fabulous summer looks while you can! But, you should be shopping for your favorite Fall looks while they are fresh and new looking on the racks in the stores!

Soon I will be embracing animal print and ruby red!! So for now….I’m wearing my favorite summer looks…just one more time!

And Remember….Wear it in good health…and wear it often!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake

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