Everything I Want!

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I have everything I need…and nothing that I don’t! – Zac Brown Band

Isn’t that great!? That’s what I strive for!!

Somehow, no matter how hard I try, the stuff seems to multiply! How does that happen so fast?

I have to decided to take action!

I heard a really good one the other day. The message was try to rid yourself of one thing PER DAY that you haven’t used in AGES. I’ve been trying that! It seems to be working out for me!

It’s easy to part with one thing….it’s not so easy to part with the WHOLE CLOSET! Yesterday I was looking for a particular spoon…..not too big, not too small…..but just right for this particular job. I must have picked up 10 spoons before I found one that could work. I figured out that the drawer was so cluttered with things I never use….that I can’t find what I need/want! I’m going to keep going with this project of parting with the things that I never use. It’s liberating! I like the feeling!!

I’m going to move the theory to my closet next! I figure I’ve been practicing with the kitchen drawer! Now it’s time to get serious!

Think how much easier our lives would be if the closet actually worked for us instead of against us!? We should be able to wear everything in the closet. If it is too big, too small, or just not right, you don’t need it! Part with it and give it to someone that can really USE it!

Remember… I have everything I need…and nothing that I don’t!

~ Barbara Drake

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