Fashion Persona: The Classic

You are probably a great Talbots client!

You could be a cover girl for their signature look.

A blazer type jacket, probably navy blue, and a novelty pant (maybe a mini pattern or a bright colored jean possibly).

A jacket that hits you at the bottom of your hips is what I refer to as a “blazer type” jacket…it can be any color(s)…maybe you can think of it as a all around town jacket…..or an all day/any day or nite jacket. It doesn’t necessarily match the bottom, but compliments it. Think about wearing this jacket more like a sweater. Keep it close at hand so you can wear it…grab it and GO….and do all the things you do while looking GREAT all day long!

ss2015 canary/whi


Next time you buy a new jacket, think about it this way. Try something a little different.

Wear it as a suit when it’s new, or as a go to look that you always feel confident in!

But, then, try it as a jacket….just as a pick up piece, and add it to just about any bottom, and wear it to whereever it is you are going. You will look GREAT!


All you have to do is decide to to wear it as a blazer type jacket. The rest will take of itself!

Add a simple strand of pearls and some pearl studs and you will feel comfortable & confident. You will feel like you have some new clothes! Always a good feeling!

ss2015 orchid jacket

When you multi purpose your clothes you get so much for more LOOK for your fashion $$$. As yo u become more accustomed to wearing your clothes in different ways you get more comfortable and adventurous with the clothes you already own!

And remember…..




BBD Orchid ss2015

Wear it in good health

…and wear it often!

~ Barbara Drake



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