Fashion Persona: The Drama

bbe8665f-be44-465a-9392-0b84e7598368 The drama is always the center of attention!

She embodies MORE IS MORE! She is the one that looks at herself in the mirror on her way out the door….and HAS to add one more accessory! A little bit more RED or PINK lipstick…and then she will have to check her Pucker Up…just once more!

A Drama has a Passion for Fashion!

She LOVES having NEW clothes in her closet! She will have enduring relationships with previous season looks….but really she is all about what’s NEW!

She will have bright lips and nails! No bare lips or nails for her! Perish the thought! She is definitely a high maintenance kind of girl!

Her motto will be: I’m not a one in a million kind of girl! I’m a once in a lifetime kind of Woman! Beware!

She doesn’t have to wear a lot of clothes, i.e. a jacket, and a blouse, and a cami under the blouse….and several strands of pearls….and rings and earrings. But you can bet that she will embrace being in the spotlight!


From one Drama to another….

~ Barbara Drake


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