Fashion Persona: The Romantic

It’s very simple….she is the pretty one!

1077She has long, pretty hair falling in soft curls on her shoulders. Her hair is shiny and beautiful, it would be very hard to not notice her!

She probably loves to wear make up, subtle, but plenty of it! She will have a soft dewy look to her complexion, very pretty blush! A lovely but, once again subtle scent will waft around her….you can’t figure out exactly where it is coming from! She is very alluring…and sexy!

She will embrace soft pink….in her make up, her clothes….especially her bedroom! Even her living room….if the man in her life can go there! She likes to wear jewelry, a long strand of pearls…maybe even 2 strands. Big hoop earrings, or longish drop, chandelier earrings to get all tangled up in her curls. Her favorite colorway is likely pretty pastel shades or the barest neutrals….sometimes she might embrace a brighter tone, but generally she will probably stick with a soft shade of pink.

She loves ruffles….and sheer “anything”…. has her name all over it! And….don’t forget the Buttons and Bows!!

The Romantic is a Girly Girl!


Everyday is a good day for a romantic!

So….get up. dress up. and show up!

~ Barbara Drake

BBD Style

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