Fashion Personas! Do you know YOURS?

Well, you probably don’t! You probably don’t even know that you have a Fashion Persona!?

There are 4 Fashion Personas:

The Natural, The Classic, The Romantic and The Drama. Usually, you will know right away which one YOU are! It’s important to know your Persona because it will help you to zero in on the choices you should probably think about when building your wardrobe, or looks to steer clear of when out there shopping….for yourself… yourself!

The Natural:

You are very happy in khaki pants, a T-shirt (no scarf! few accessories!) Maybe a sweater, or a jacket….almost never BOTH at once! It’s way too many clothes for you! And much too fussy! Little make up, no nail polish (oh alright….maybe clear!) Birkenstock sandals, gym shoes or flats. If you wear earrings it’s most likely to be studs.

The Classic:

You could be on the cover of the Talbots catalogue. You will be very comfortable in khaki (or a novelty) pant and button down white blouse and blazer style jacket. Clean straight hair in a straight or simple style. A little bit of jewelry, probably a pretty strand of pearls and pearl studs. Some light, but pretty make up…..a pretty, pinky lipstick.

The Romantic:

You probably have long (ish?) blonde (?) hair falling in loose curls. You love ruffles and buttons and bows! Soft pretty colors like pale grey, white or soft pinky tones for a blouse with a beautiful ruffled neckline and maybe cuffs too. You probably like your pearls longer, maybe a few strands together. You probably like to wear a drop earring…that looks so pretty nestled in your longer, wavy locks! You will likely wear a lot of skirts. High heels are alluring and a favorite of yours!

Last, but not least….The Drama:

You love it ALL! And your motto is MORE IS MORE! You will be comfortable in pants….or skirt! The pants in trim legs or wide legs….short skirt or long! You believe that ACCESSORIES ARE NECESSITIES! You will embrace statement jewelry and be very comfortable donning the latest fashion trends….each season!

So, your job is to think about it. Which persona best suits YOU? Does it change how you think of your clothes, the looks in your closet?? Or does it confuse you even more!?

Stay tuned! We will talk about each persona…one at a time!


BBD Color

Wear it in good health

…and wear it often!

~ Barbara Drake

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