Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up.

Sometimes it is so hard!!

It seems like I have a lot of clothes in my closet. Clothes that I like, but I don’t seem to WEAR. So I have to ask myself why not? Are they too big? Too small? Do they itch? Or do they make me feel GOOD? Sometimes it is really hard to tell.

Green polka Dot Sweater Doncaster Collection

This morning I decided that I should not wear them if they don’t make me feel GOOD! How could I possibly accomplish all the things I want to do today, if I don’t feel GOOD in my clothes?!? So I reached for a sweater that I haven’t worn in awhile….in fact I remember trying it on once ages ago, and then I decided I was not going to wear this one, but instead I would choose that one. So this morning when I reached for it and started to put it on, and then decided against it….I took it right to the give away pile!! The chances of my actually wearing it….wearing it happily, that is….at this point, is slim to none I guess. There is nothing wrong with it really….it fits….I guess the problem is, I don’t like the fabric….so I’m not comfortable in it. So instead of hanging on to it, I’m going to share it with someone that will LOVE it….and it will empower HER. And that makes me feel really good!

Another thing I decided this morning….I am going to try really hard to wear something different each day. It sounds like it should be so easy….but lately I’ve been wearing things for a few…or more….days in a row. They aren’t that dirty, they are comfortable favorites, so why not?? But when I let myself do that, I end up wearing just a few things all the time….and then I still feel like I have so many clothes….and I’m not wearing them….which is really stupid I think!!!

Look Familiar???

I find when I go to my closet, having decided I would wear something different it makes me think about how I might like to wear that….like I will try to wear it a little bit differently. A different jacket with my favorite pants….or a dress I haven’t worn in a while. We have had terrible weather lately….so I’m saving my dresses….for warmer days! But then I ask myself….saving for what, exactly? Hmmm….So, I’m going to make it a point to wear things differently…just so I can discover some new looks….that I already own! That’s a great idea, don’t you think?

So….try it! Think about wearing the clothes you already have in a different way. There is every chance that you will look at the clothes you already have in a new way!

I love this dress! I forgot I had it!


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