Good Girl!

I Have a Feeling! Do you know that feeling?

That feeling of … I think I can! I think I can! I think I can??? And then, when it is almost too much…

OMG … I Can … I did it!!!

BBD Style
They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Here it is! A visual, up close and personal of a woman that has been through the fight of her life. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor…and today….she is victorious!!! Here she is crossing the finish line of a triathlon that would cripple most of us! These women, and there are WAAAAY too many of them, that have fought this battle are brave … and strong … and smart. They work closely with their own physicians and teams of caregivers and their families and their friends. They have to in order to be victorious in their fight. But, when they succeed this is the feeling that all of their friends and families have, right along with them!Cancer Sucks

And, here is another one!

BBD Style

Hip hip hooray! To all my friends and family on all their accomplishments … big and small!

You Go Girls! Good Going!

~ Barbara

Barbara Drake





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