How do you get Ready?

I had lunch the other day with a friend and as we were chatting I mentioned that I keep hearing the expression “Get Ready”. It made me think, Gosh every body keeps talking about Getting Ready….I wonder, what are they getting ready for???


Generally, I have assumed the expression relates to getting up and going in the bathroom, as maybe the morning routine? And she said, maybe it refers to preparing for your event….what will I wear, or even how will I get there?? Or even preparing for a meeting….what am I going to say today, how will I get there?? Where am I going to park? Maybe it really means you are “Getting Ready” for your day?? Maybe even how will I Get Ready for the rest of of my life?? Should we redecorate the house?? Should we move to a new house? A new neighborhood?? A new part of town even??

BBD Style

Maybe we should go back to the beginning. Let’s start to think smaller….those of you that know me, will be surprised to hear me talk about thinking smaller!! Let’s think about your closet! Making sense of your closet is probably the BEST way for most of us to Get Ready!!

A Great Closet… a must!

It could involve Getting Ready for the party…..Getting Ready for Fall Fashion???….What will you choose as your go to looks?! Or not?! Life is short. We just can’t wait around and waste time trying out different looks….that we don’t Love! To be our best selves we have to wear clothes that make us feel great! To do all the things we want to do we have to feel great, or we simply won’t be able to accomplish all the things we want to do!

Think of it this way…..if….

BBD Style
And…the world is your oyster!

What will you choose to wear today?!? What do you want to show off today?? Where are you going today?? What are you doing today?!? Choose something you already have in your closet….and something that you LOVE! And then think about adding something new/different!


BBD Style
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