I LOVE my Job!!

I am such a lucky girl!! I have found the perfect job for me!


Essentially my job is to connect great women with great looks! That means I get to call GREAT women friends and clients! And, that I have great new looks in my closet most of the time! After all, if I don’t have Doncaster in MY closet how could I explain to you why YOU have to have Doncaster in your closet!?

This is Doncaster Today

Recently I got re connected with MMB a very good friend from Grade School! We haven’t seen each other in YEARS….family, jobs, moves…even marriages!!… had separated us for a long, long time. Facebook became our connector! Imagine!? We were on vacation recently so we were actually in the same state…and city even…and actually had dinner together with our husbands. MMB, it seems, has been following me on Facebook so she was familiar with some of the current Doncaster looks she had seen on Facebook. She decided to try the navy & twine look…I ordered it for her…I got it to her….It looks fabulous on HER…and I have a new and happy client! Hooray!


While we were together we had lunch. It was the most amazing thing…we picked up right where we left off! You would never have guessed it had been years….decades even….since we had last met. The whole way home I was talking to myself about how great it was to see each other again! And that it actually is my JOB to do this….reconnect with old friends, and new…and tell them about what I do.

Are you looking for a new career? There are lots of opportunities available within the Doncaster business plan. Maybe you would like to know more about it. If so, I know you will contact me just as soon as you can! Even if it turns out that it isn’t for you….maybe you have a friend that would like to know more about the world of fashion in the 21st century…for REAL WOMEN!


Really, it’s a great job! And I am a lucky woman to be able to do it! I would love to have you join me!



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