I needed that!

Holiday fowers

Something to get me into the Christmas Spirit!

Harry just made me drop everything and go outside to look at the Full Moon! Are you kidding I said??? It’s freezing out there tonight!! No, No you have to go out and look at the Full Moon!! he said. Oh all right! I will!!

He was right! I’m so glad that I bundled up and went out to look up in the sky! It was so beautiful!!! A clear, cold night! A great big, bright Moon! And….. Christmas lights and decorations all over the neighborhood! Several houses all lit up…looking beautiful! I actually thought if it weren’t so cold, if I stayed out there little longer, I might have seen Santa and Rudolph and his sleigh stream across the cold night sky!!

So, now that I’m getting into the spirit….what are you going to wear over the holidays!?! Have you even thought about it??? If you need to go out and buy something, think about Plaid…..or Silver!! Even if you find just a bit of it! Try it….find something Plaid, maybe you haven’t seen it for awhile, or maybe you have had it for awhile. And maybe you even have it in your closet?? It’s such a big thing this year.

Oh and don’t forget about RED! It is so festive! Put it on, and it will lift your mood! I’m sure of it! Maybe add something, shoes, purse something in Abstract Animal Print!? It’s a stretch I know! But try it! Tis the season to go out on a limb and try something a little outrageous!

Once you do get all dressed up, have a glass of champagne….or eggnog, or whatever your favorite drink is, and prepare to toast a Merry Christmas to one and all! And we will too!

I think you will be glad you did! And remember, ready or not, here comes 2020!!


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