I’m a big fan….

of all the talent shows on TV these days!

Lately, I am liking the new team on America’s Got Talent….especially Terry Crews! He is a great addition to the team and adds a certain “je ne c’est quoi” to the show. I took special notice of the suit he was wearing the other night. He is a great, big, handsome guy and he was wearing a “Clementine” suit!! In other words, a Pink Suit! I loved it!

Terry Crews and the Detroit Choir, AGT

It reminded that several years ago now there was a Clementine Suit, with a big ruffle down the front, in the Doncaster Collection. I HAD to have that suit!! So, I got the suit and couldn’t wait to wear it. As it turned out, I got all dressed up early that day (I strive to get dressed only once a day!). We were having work done at the house, I had a National Conference Call, I was going to a meeting downtown, and I was definitely thinking of this suit as my Power Suit! It was going to be a long, busy day….and my secret weapon was going to be my new suit…in Clementine!

So the guys came to work on the house, and the first thing they said was…Mrs. Drake…You look HOT! It’s been a very, long time since I have had thirty-something year old men call me HOT! So, as you might imagine I was on top of the world!! 🙂

Until, the Doncaster Conference Call! The purpose of the call was to discuss the new Collection that was just debuting for the season. The Collection included the Clementine Suit. And the participants of the call were consultants from all over the country….established sellers and newer sellers. As soon as the designer suggested that we discuss the Clementine Suit….oh Boy!!! Did I hear it all!! An overwhelming number of callers were shocked and dismayed that the new Collection included a Clementine Suit with a great big ruffle down the front!! Who the heck would wear a Pink Suit???….and they were all especially upset that the suit was offered in Womens sizes!! Again….Who would wear a Pink Suit!!?!?

Oh no!!!! I was so worried! I thought….I have a big day, should I change my clothes?? Should I return the suit to the company?? What should I do!?! And, eventually, I decided “Nuts to them!” I love my new suit and I’m going to wear it….and rock it…no matter what those women think!!

So I did! And do you know what?? As it turned out, it was a great day!! I decided to focus on the fact that the painters at the house that morning thought I looked HOT!! So off I went. I killed it my meeting!! I met lots of new people that day that loved my Pink Suit, and couldn’t wait to come see (and SHOP) my new Doncaster Collection!! The day was successful in every way!

So, in fact, it did turn out to be my Go To Power Suit…in Clementine! Sometimes, you just have to muster up the courage to do it your way….and pray that it will all work out in the end!! That’s why we all have to have a Power Suit….Clementine or not…..in our closet. Some days we need all the help we can get….including the power that we get from our Go-To clothes!


I hope everyone has a happy 4th!
Happy 4th!!

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