It’s Easier to Keep Going, Than to Get Going!

This is Doncaster Today Spring 2016

This is especially important to remember when life becomes busy, stressful…and difficult! Do you feel like you are never going to get it all done?? Why did I say yes!? How can I do it all!? There are not enough hours in the day! Everything will be easier for you if you fill your closet with clothes that take you to the places that YOU go to.IMG_0961

Take a deep breath and ask yourself…Do you know how you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

When I am in the midst of a busy time like this it is so easy for me to get discombobulated and overwhelmed. I have to stay focused, and pay attention to the details. And Get up…and Dress up…and be Ready for Business!


So, you say, how do I do that?! It’s sounds so easy doesn’t it!? It is simple…I pick out my favorite Doncaster look! When I choose my clothes for the season I pick looks that I think will take me to the places that I go….and to do the things I regularly do…. generally they are perfect for the variety of things I’m doing…because I do a variety of things most days! I bet you do too?! I do not have time to go home and change thru out the day….so the same look has to take me everywhere! It needs to be stylish and versatile. Wherever you buy your clothes they must by up to the challenge of taking you to the places that YOU go to on any given day. If they aren’t, then they aren’t good enough!


Then I find my favorite lipstick…apply generously!…and I am on my way!


Even if what I’m doing today is tackling the pile of Things I Will Do Today! Maybe I will be at my desk in the morning….and with some clients delivering clothes later in the day….or going out to dinner with my husband and friends. I need to have a wardrobe of looks to go everywhere….on any given day! It makes my life so much easier when I do!

As you are getting ready for Summer 2016. Be sure to edit your closet for the season. Add essentials that will fill in the holes…and make sure that they will take you to the places you go!! All the places you go!!

If you are having trouble….Call Me!


~ Barbara

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