Merry Christmas … and Happy New Year!

Here it is! December….even the end of December! In 21 Century America that means that the Christmas Holidays have begun! They are here!


For some people this is a very difficult time of year. Maybe you have lost someone dear to you. Maybe you don’t have a large group of friends. Maybe you don’t have any extra money. You would love to buy things for everyone you know and see….but, alas, you can’t. Maybe you just can’t appreciate one more crazy Christmas decoration in some random place….that really does not call for a Christmas tree or a manger at all! Maybe you have had it with the whole thing?!

Maybe by this point in December the whole Christmas thing just makes you sad, and lonely too. It’s overwhelming and you don’t know what to do next.

I have a suggestion for you. Get Dressed Up! Take a shower…wash your hair. Put on some lipstick, if you don’t have one you like, this can be your Christmas present to yourself! You deserve it. It’s ok for you to do something nice for yourself! Make it a point to call someone to meet you for coffee! Or invite a friend to go to your favorite luncheon spot.

Doncaster Fall 2015 / City Street Cape / Capes for Fall 2015 If you don’t have that certain friend that you can reach out to think of a place you will be comfortable going to by yourself. I Love to sneak away in the afternoon to the movies! Or take a trip to the Mall. Sometimes it’s enough to just wander around and look at the beautiful decorations…and delight in the fact that you don’t have to buy them, take them home or put them up!! Maybe this year you will have a pretty little Christmas Flower arrangement on the Breakfast table! Maybe a toast to Christmas with a special Champagne Toast to yourself! Merry Christmas to ME!

Holiday fowers Holiday Champagne

If you have an elderly parent with limited mobility, take him on a drive, after dark, to admire the Christmas lights decorating your own neighborhood. Or maybe visit an old neighborhood you all used to live in. You will have lots to talk about!

It’s very difficult to fight the blues. I understand that. But take a stab at it! I think you will be glad you did!

Merry Christmas!

~ Barbara

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