Merry Christmas!

This is such a busy time of year!

We have to do all the things we always do…and every thing else, for every one else, too! And we have to do all these things grinning from ear to ear…in the sprit of Christmas! Wishing everyone we see Merry Christmas! I’m sounding like Scrooge, and I’m really not that way…usually! But, even for me, sometimes the holidays become overwhelming!

Because we are on “high alert” all day, pretty much every day, make it a point to be good to yourself! Get dressed up….just because! Use the little things to celebrate the season…catching up with old friends…maybe at your favorite bistro…maybe in a Christmas Card!! Find a minute during the rat race to appreciate all the good things you have in your life! Don’t complain about how hard it is to get the Christmas cards in the mail….be grateful for so many life long friendships! That’s why you have so many friends…and so many cards….because of all those friendships!

It’s been said…We Dictate Our Own Life!

I believe that to be true. So,
Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up. And the rest will be History!

Merry Christmas!

~ Barbara

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