October Edition of Diary of Style

More Traveling….!

When was the last time you were on an airplane? Well, we find ourselves traveling a lot this Fall….much more than usual! And generally speaking our fellow travelers look TERRIBLE!

I’m not complaining because they aren’t wearing Doncaster…..I’m complaining because they look like they are going to clean out the garage!! Or Mow the lawn!! Men in bad shorts….sandals….with socks??!! Really Fellas!!?? Women in bad black pants…..and a Packers jersey!! Really!? I’m not kidding!!

When did it become ok to let ourselves take a dive….because it was too hard to get ourselves dressed!! If you have stooped that low….or more likely know someone that has….take heart…and come see me!! I can introduce you to some great looks….looks that are lovely, comfortable, wearable and classic! You will look great…and feel even better!

Remember, Get Up. Dress Up. & Show Up!
The Doncaster Collection
Fall/Winter 2015

~ Barbara Drake

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