Out with the old, In with the New!

It’s Showtime! in Milwaukee!

Doncaster Spring 2016

@ Woman’s Club of Wisconsin

January 21, 22, 23, 2016


January 27-30, 2016

This is Doncaster Today Spring 2016

The most alluring quality a woman can have is Confidence!     Beyonce

So…how do we get that…confidence, that is.

One way we can do that is to Dress Well. When you dress well, you show the world that you respect yourself. They think, if she respects herself, maybe I should to! Sounds logical doesn’t it?? Try it!

W The New Office!

January is a great time to Refresh! Refresh your closet, refresh you look, your individual style. It’s a good time to clean out the clutter and to simplify your closet…and your life. It’s really hard to refresh your look, and up your game a bit, if you are weighted down by a lot of old and tired clothes! They are yesterday’s new! A burden! Experiment with some Fresh, New Looks! New Look, New You is a way to think of it! You will embrace that change by trying something New! It’s only January though. That might present somewhat of a problem, especially if you live in Wisconsin, like I do! If it is just too early in 2016 for you to think about Refreshing Your Persona, try this. Just think about it for a while. Check out some style magazines. See what’s new and coming up in the fashion scene for 2016. Tear out some sheets of looks that you think you might be able to try. Some of those looks are: stripes, dresses, color! lots of it, and the new khaki, Twine! It’s the new basic for Spring 2016. As you start to peruse the magazines you will undoubtedly start to think….maybe I could do that!? Think: Try It, you might like it! And if it turns out you don’t like it….think about how you might try to tweak it a bit so that the look will become Your Own. After all, that’s the objective!

Spring Dressing2016

Make a decision. Decide to Dress Like You Mean It! Dress like you are serious about what you are doing! Maybe it is at the office, maybe it is at the gym, maybe it is taking care of everyone else that is important to you….nevermind….just dress like you mean business. People will listen to you. you will get more accomplished. When you are well dressed, and you know it, you plow through your day handling one issue after another effortlessly! It is such a good feeling!! And That is what makes you confident! And nobody can take that away from you!

It is very easy to fall into, it’s too cold….I’m tired….nobody cares what I wear….it’s too hard to Get Into my closet! I’m overwhelmed….I don’t feel like it….I can’t…..I don’t want to…..get it?? Of course you do….we all do. My suggestion is to just say….nevermind….today, right now, I am going to Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up. and Make Something Happen!

Crimson Star Dress with Vest

Need some new looks to spur on the greatness?? Come see me the end of the month at Showtime! Doncaster Spring 2016. Surely we will find something for you to embrace….a look that reminds you that maybe you just can….Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up… that is! Do it….try it! For yourself!

I think you will be glad that you did!

Happy New Year 2016!


BBD Fall 2014

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