Reduce Stress

Today is a good day for a good day!

Think about it! A little lipstick goes a long way! This means that we can pretty much determine, in the morning when we first get up, that we will choose how our day will proceed. Of course there are a lot of reasons/decisions that we make that predict the sequence of events.

So, what do you have to do to make the quality of your life better…and therefore easier?

Be positive: people, places, & things

Fill your days with people that make you feel good! These people will keep you busy with positive energy. Make it a point to surround yourself with positive people. It is much more powerful than keeping your self busy….by doing mindless chores with negative people. We have to make it a point to go to places that improve your outlook. Places that have beautiful flowers, big full canopied trees and blue skies. We need to go there with people we admire and WANT to be with! Make it a point to surround your self with beautiful things, that are meaningful to YOU! Maybe it is your grandmothers china, your mom & Dad’s wedding photos…or maybe your favorite baby picture!

Reduce stress? But How?

Some ways to reduce Stress? It’s simple! Wear beautiful clothes that fit you and are comfortable and look as good at 6pm as they do at 6am. Beautiful flattering colors, and sleek and wearable fabrications that will remind you all day long that you are worth a little extra effort in the morning! Sort out your closet at the beginning of the new season. Buy your clothes early in the season so that you will look and feel stylish and current….and comfortable all day every day!

Last but not least…..? For Pete’s Sake, stay away from the energy suckers!! The people that bring you down. They argue with you all day long…and they suck the positive energy right out of your airways by complaining about all kinds of things!

Then, step back and think about it. The changes weren’t too hard? And the benefits were huge! Now, you can try it again tomorrow….? And the next day…..and the day after that! Get the picture?

Reduce your stress? See, it’s easy!

~ Barbara Drake

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