Sensible … or Fabulous?!

Why would I be sensible….if I could be Fabulous!!

Several years ago now I had a client that was having a terrible time deciding which coat to buy! Her choices was a robin’s egg blue wool coat…..chesterfield style, and the same thing with a robin’s egg blue, dyed to match fox fur collar! What’s a woman to do??!!

After a while I said to her well, if you can’t decide why not choose the more sober chesterfield style? She looked at me and said…..but Barbara, why would I be sensible….when I can be FABULOUS!?!

Isn’t that the truth? Why should we opt for ordinary….if we don’t have to!?

So, when you decide to go for FABULOUS….remember….

Wear it in good health….and wear it often!!

Great words to live by!

~ Barbara Drake

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