BBD Style

One thing at a time….

I think by now most of you know that I’ve been sick for a while now!!! UGH!!! As soon as I think I’m getting better something else happens….darn it! But, I think slowly, I am getting better! I… Read More

It’s Time!

It’s Time!  To Embrace Spring with what you wear! Maybe it will be a beautiful creamy cashmere sweater set? Or a Lipstick Leather jacket? It’s time to shed the tired, old clothes that you have been wearing again… Read More

Try Something New!

It’s easy! And it’s the perfect time of year! January 2018 is history. Soon it will be Valentine’s Day 2018….and things will be looking up! I decided today to try a new nail polish color! It gave me… Read More

Spring/Summer Fashion 2017!

It’s time! It’s finally here! It’s really Spring/Summer 2017! Even if it is still chilly outside, it’s time to ditch the ever popular Black Knit Pants!! The grass is Green, the flowers are Pink & Yellow, and the… Read More

It has happened again!!

Oh No! I have nothing to wear! Now, those of you that know me well….know that couldn’t be true! What, You Say?!? I guess it is more about the fact that I am so tired of wearing the… Read More

Be the WOW factor!

It is that time of year! The Holidays are here! This is the time to get out your favorite clothes….first, to find them….and then to wear them! Wear them in good health…and wear them Often! Whether you are… Read More

So Nice!

I had the nicest thing happen to me this morning! I had a phone call this morning from a fellow we have known for a while now. Lately, he has been hunting me down, as we have been… Read More

I’m a Lucky Lady!

  For the longest time I have wanted to gather together a group of FABULOUS women that I have known over my lifetime….most of whom live in the Chicago area…not all, but most. For one reason or another… Read More

Well, They Are Here!

The Holidays….that is! They are here! Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are finishing up the leftovers as we speak, and it is time to think about the holiday season! It is time to start thinking about where… Read More

Brighten Your Day with your favorite lipstick

Reduce Stress

Today is a good day for a good day! Think about it! A little lipstick goes a long way! This means that we can pretty much determine, in the morning when we first get up, that we will… Read More