It’s Easier to Keep Going, Than to Get Going!

This is especially important to remember when life becomes busy, stressful…and difficult! Do you feel like you are never going to get it all done?? Why did I say yes!? How can I do it all!? There are… Read More

It’s Spring…Officially!

Well, we made it! The calendar doesn’t lie, and it says it is Spring! It’s time to see Doncaster Spring/Summer 2016 in Milwaukee Petites, Misses, Womens Yesterday I saw some ladies that actually admitted to changing up their closets…. Read More

It snuck up on me!

Lent. It’s here! It snuck up on me! I saw a good one the other day…this year, instead of giving up candy for Lent, why not try to separate from some of the things weighing you down….in spirit!?… Read More