What I Wear Where!?

What I Wear Where! Recently we went to dinner with some friends that I am crazy about. The biggest problem we have is that we don’t see enough of each other! It seems like there is never enough… Read More

Fashion Emergency!

Last week I had a Fashion Emergency! Oh No! I decided one day to take my own advice and wear some of the black pants that are just hanging in my closet but that I haven’t worn for… Read More

Make it a Habit!

To say Yes! You hear me say that all the time! I had lunch yesterday with some great friends of mine. We all got dressed up, just because we were seeing each other! It was such fun! The… Read More

I’m a Lucky Lady!

  For the longest time I have wanted to gather together a group of FABULOUS women that I have known over my lifetime….most of whom live in the Chicago area…not all, but most. For one reason or another… Read More

Beautiful Day

Everything I Want!

I have everything I need…and nothing that I don’t! – Zac Brown Band Isn’t that great!? That’s what I strive for!! Somehow, no matter how hard I try, the stuff seems to multiply! How does that happen so… Read More