It’s Spring…Officially!

Well, we made it! The calendar doesn’t lie, and it says it is Spring! It’s time to see Doncaster Spring/Summer 2016 in Milwaukee Petites, Misses, Womens Yesterday I saw some ladies that actually admitted to changing up their closets…. Read More

Say Yes to the Dress!

Say Yes to the Dress! And lose the trousers! Make a commitment to wearing a dress…try it! I bet you will like it! It’s easy with Doncaster Spring 2016! Petites, Misses, Womens! Something for everyone!      … Read More

This is a Great Time of Year!

Really, I mean it! I know right about now you are thinking….I am NUTS! Remember my motto? Dress Like You Mean It! In other words that means, dress like you are the Boss of Your life! I used… Read More

Spring 2016 Trends

Follow BBDStyle for up to the minute Spring Fashion Trends for 2016! For more Doncaster looks for Spring 2016 click here! ~ Barbara

Kick the Winter Blues to the Curb!

We are well into January. The holidays are over. New Year’s celebrations are over….and they even say that if you did make a resolution for 2016….you are probably over it by now! Resolutions, they say, are yesterdays news!… Read More