Oh No!! What should I wear!?!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I love this time of year! It’s time to ditch the Black on Black uniforms that we have been wearing pretty much non stop for the past few months! Ditch the darks….for Lipstick Reds, Pretty… Read More

Fashion Persona: The Romantic

It’s very simple….she is the pretty one! She has long, pretty hair falling in soft curls on her shoulders. Her hair is shiny and beautiful, it would be very hard to not notice her! She probably loves to… Read More

Fashion Persona: The Drama

The drama is always the center of attention! She embodies MORE IS MORE! She is the one that looks at herself in the mirror on her way out the door….and HAS to add one more accessory! A little… Read More

Style Personas The Classic

Fashion Persona: The Classic

You are probably a great Talbots client! You could be a cover girl for their signature look. A blazer type jacket, probably navy blue, and a novelty pant (maybe a mini pattern or a bright colored jean possibly)…. Read More

Style Personas The Natural

Fashion Persona: The Natural

My first, and best advice for You…!? Keep it Simple!! You will glow from the inside out! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who glows….from the inside out! You don’t have to be fussy to be… Read More