Traveling … 3

We have enjoyed a wonderful whirlwind of travel lately!   It seems that I just cannot stop writing about our recent experiences….traveling! One thing remains a constant….the average man on the street is Very Badly Dressed! You really… Read More

Doncaster Diary of Style

October Edition of Diary of Style

More Traveling….! When was the last time you were on an airplane? Well, we find ourselves traveling a lot this Fall….much more than usual! And generally speaking our fellow travelers look TERRIBLE! I’m not complaining because they aren’t… Read More

Traveling … 2

Well, we are off again! This time overseas! There is every chance that I will come home with some Great stories to share! As I am preparing for the trip I have a few pointers to share. What… Read More

Traveling …

We have been traveling a lot this Fall! We are visiting friends and family. We are going to new places and interesting, exciting cities even NYC on 9/11!! It was really something! I work with New Yorkers and… Read More