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“I Love, Love, LOVE my new blue sweater. Thank you Barbara Drake” ~ S.C.

Hi Barbara:
I am in Berlin for the summer and just received your very motivating email.   It came at the right time. The previous email that I had opened was from a friend that was telling me another friend was just diagnosed with terminal cancer.  I was so down, feeling helpless and saddened by the unfairness of life.

Then I opened your email—–it was so on-point with the statement “Be Kind. You never know what the next person you meet is dealing with.” Then your advice about thinking positive about one’s self and image.  I sometimes get caught up about all my imperfections.  Here I am at 68 and guest what—those imperfections are never going to change so CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND LIVE LIFE.

Finally, “Find some great new things that make you feel that you can ROCK YOUR WORLD!”  

Thank you for focusing me: I am going to be kinder, more supportive and help myself and others live life.  And, forget the imperfections and present an image with a style that rocks my world! You are my model of a style diva that radiates confidence. Have a great summer.
~ Many thanks, P.M.


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2 Comments on “Testimonials

  1. Get up. Dress up. Show up! These words of wisdom from Barbara have stuck with me since I met her. How true! Wearing her clothes makes it that much more fun to dress up! When in a rush, I always grab one of the Doncaster pieces. Why? Because I know they look good … they give that extra kick of confidence… and they feel great! If you haven’t attended one of Barbara’s showings of the Doncaster line put it on your “must do” list! There is NO PRESSURE. ONLY FUN! Not to mention she lights up the room with her energy and enthusiasm for living a beautiful life. Thank you Barbarahttp://www.bbdstyle.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=419&action=edit

    • Thank you Meg!

      I also enjoy your Daly Gem! Especially the Gem for today…. Are you bored? Try something NEW! TODAY!

      If you are new to the Daly Gem, check it out! You will be glad you did!

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