The News!?

Where do you get your Daily News?? Maybe it’s on the TV? Maybe the NYT?? Maybe it’s Vogue?? Or People??

So what I really mean, is where do you get the information that you consider to be “Must Have Information”…..that is the information that directly relates to you, and to your family and friends?? Maybe it’s one of the above, but I’m guessing it’s more informal than any of those…and probably in addition to those more traditional means.

I’m talking about the kind of news we get when we go places and do things!  The news we get when we gather together with our friends! Where are the kids going this summer?? And with who? And what are they doing together?? Who is going to college, and which college. Where does the new room mate come from? Is the neighbor down the street moving? Where? When, do you know?

Hidden Figures

Or maybe it is more about who has a new baby …. or puppy! How old is the baby?? Is she walking yet? What does she like to eat?? What do you like to eat?? And where do you like to eat?? And what does your favorite meal look like?!?

I bet you are about to guess where I find most of the information that is important to me!! Yep, you guessed it….Facebook and Instagram!! And, as you can probably guess, I predict this will be wildly controversial for some of my BBDStyle friends! Do you remember awhile ago when Mark Zuckerberg was called to appear before the government to defend Facebook?? Our governmental leaders looked like a bunch of tired, old men that were outraged that this smart and savvy young man that created a social empire pretty much by himself that will transition our world and our communication for years and years to come…..oh and by the way, he made a lot of money and acquired a lot of influence along the way! Did he make some mistakes along the way? Of course! It seems that way now.

I say, Good Going Kids….keep up the good work!


Our daily newspaper is expensive….and gets smaller and smaller and smaller. Generally, I don’t read the paper every day. I rely on my family to make sure I know the important things. I’m not always proud of the fact…..but, it is what it is! I do make it a point to check in on my social media feeds at least daily! It’s how I know who is vacationing up north this week, how the weather is up there, and how much water skiing is going on….and by who!! Then I see some beautiful pictures that our friends and family have posted about things going on around their homes. And lots of news about the weddings, and anniversaries, baby’s birthday parties, reunions….friends meeting up with old friends…and every one growing up!!

I just love my Social Media feeds!! 🙂 I think it’s FABULOUS!



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