Traveling … 2

Well, we are off again! This time overseas! There is every chance that I will come home with some Great stories to share!

As I am preparing for the trip I have a few pointers to share. What to take with you for the trip is always challenging…especially if it is a new to you location. But I would strongly suggest that you only pack what you really need! Plan to wear each garment at least a few times…in different ways. This time we are taking a touring trip! That means long hard days of sightseeing! The most important and obvious must have is a great pair of shoes! Or better yet, a few great pairs of shoes! Plan to take clothes that can be layered. When you leave the hotel in the morning and when you stop for lunch in the square you will want very different clothes I think! It’s important to plan to wear the same thing as much as possible because your schedule is just too grueling to add in decisions about What To Wear!? Keep those choices very simple and minimal.

M. Mixed with red

I would also suggest that what you take on the trip is just those clothes that are tried and true! This probably isn’t the time to try new things….for the trip! Why? Because you don’t really know how they will perform for you until you break them in a bit. Tried and true basics are the best option…which does not mean the oldest and worst clothes in your closet either! Some Doncaster favorites include miracle pants of course! A great black and white suit….that can be separated! maybe 2 skirts & 3 pairs of pants….some favorite tops and a great strand of pearls!! An Voila! You will look like a milldam $$$.

W.bla:whi 3 pieceW.foresst:grape 3 piece If you are taking a big trip invest in the packing systems that are available out there. They will go along way in keeping your things under control, tidy and most important easy to locate early in the morning…when you are in a rush!! It is a little bit of money that is well worth the price!

And, for Pete’s Sake…Don’t forget the camera! Take as many pictures as you can that you will be able to share when you return home. Everyone will want to know all about your adventure!


Doncaster Street Stalking to wear later / Fall 2015


Be creative, but not too much!! You want to be able to brush your teeth, wash your face, put on some lipstick and run out the door to the next thing! Enjoy your trip…and your friends new & old….because one is silver and the other is gold!


Get Up, Dress Up. Show Up.

And the rest will be history!

~ Barbara

BBD Style

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