Underwear … under there!

Here it is Labor Day weekend already! Where has the summer gone??

Early Spring Garden

Fabulous Flowers

Beautiful Day

Usually we are heading away up to the lake for the weekend, but this year we are staying home! Yeah! I am going to take the time to change over my closet and get ready for Fall 2015…in earnest! Right after I sit back and smell the roses! It’s hard for me! But I really want to enjoy what I have, including a wonderful garden that we inherited with our house. It’s the perfect opportunity for that!

BBD Style

I have the clothes, mostly anyway. After all, my motto is buy early & wear it often … & wear it in good health! I try really hard to take my own advice! When we make the time and opportunity to wear our clothes HARD when it comes time to buy new things, we are ready to make some changes. That’s a good thing! That’s what keeps us on the edge & current. It is so easy to get into the habit of wearing the same old, same old …  all the time. Make it a point to wear ALL the clothes you have in your closet, not just a few of them, all the time. You will find that you will put together interesting looks that actually look great together, maybe not what you expected early in the season, when you bought them. But you will get much more wear out of ALL your clothes.

So, speaking of much more wear … when was the last time you refreshed your lingerie?

I know, I know! But take my advice … a great time to change up your underwear drawer is when a new season begins … in earnest! Your new underwear, even if it is the same brand as last year, or for many years will do wonders for your new look! The fabrics feel better next to your skin. They fit better. They make your new Fall clothes fit better and therefore look better! All in all, everything is better when you spring for new underwear! Why not take the opportunity to try something new? Maybe a new brand? Maybe a new fashion color for the season? Be adventurous! It’s a good thing!

Wear it in good health … & wear it often!

~ Barbara

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